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Virtual reality is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in recent years. It creates a whole new way in how we can experience our movies, video games, and more. It is no wonder then that many tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are investing in virtual reality technology. Facebook even bought Oculus – one of the most cutting edge companies in the VR space.

Even individuals are looking to invest in more VR options now and the industry is booming more than ever. We are seeing new product launches from HTC, Oculus, Microsoft, and more companies. Google and Apple, in particular, are also very interested in Augmented Reality which is another form of immersive technology that has come out in recent years.

While the majority of these technologies are aimed at high-end VR gear that is meant to be used with gaming consoles or computers, there are many emerging technologies for smartphones as well. You can take a look at our best picks for the best VR headsets for android to see which are the top vr picks for the mobile industry.

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