How To Watch VR Videos On Oculus Rift

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Recently, VR videos have become popular. At some point, even you may have had the urge to watch a few of them to see what they are about. Well, to genuinely enjoy the VR experience, you need to have certain gadgets like a VR headset, VR supporting computer, or smartphone.

You can watch VR videos from your smartphone, provided it has the feature to connect with a VR Headset. Most people use the Oculus Rift to watch VR videos, but some may not know how to watch VR videos on Occulus Rift. We are here to help you with that!

Where To Watch?

Before learning how to watch VR videos on Oculus Rift, you need to know where you can find VR videos. Here are a few good sites from where you can get VR videos:

1. YouTube

It is a well known video platform. They provide tons of VR videos for you to choose from. However, the movies available on this platform are not free. If you want to watch them, you either have to pay for it or rent them.

2. Facebook

Facebook has recently started to support VR videos. You can find some really good videos here. Also, you can view some locations in satellite view, and it is astounding to watch all these far off places in 360°.

3. 360RIZE/ 360Heroes

This is one of the most popular sites if you are searching for VR videos. It has videos on almost all categories, from wildlife to sports; you name it, they have it! You can download videos from here or even stream them. These videos can be shared on almost all social platforms too!

4. AirPano

Another VR video site that provides you with tons of video options. There are approximately 3,000 spherical panoramas available on the site. It is more famous for the 360° 3D aerial panoramas. So if you want to experience other places from your house, make sure to check this site out!

5. VeeR VR

This VR site allows creators to actually upload VR videos. Hence, you will be getting a whole array of videos made by creators. This would provide a lot of creativity. Usually, this site offers videos ranging from panoramas on various locations to gameplays. If you want to support creators and experience some creativity, this site is for you!

How To Watch?

Finally, let’s see how to watch all the videos on various platforms.

1. Youtube VR

You already know Youtube as a free streaming app. However, Youtube has been branching out, with its new releases like Youtube Premium and Youtube Music. You can also watch VR videos on Youtube now!

Since VR is in its initial stages of development, it might not feel good, and you might experience some lag in the videos. It is good if you are just testing your Occulus Rift, but you might not have the greatest experience.

2. Virtual Desktop

This is one of the best platforms to watch your VR videos. However, you might have to pay $14 to get the app on your desktop. If you do want to enjoy the VR experience, this will be a worthy investment for sure.

After you have successfully installed the app on your desktop, follow the following steps:

  • Go to Youtube and find a VR video. Copy the link.
  • From the Occulus App, launch the Virtual Desktop App.
  • Click the Videos option and paste the link here.
  • After the video is downloaded, play it, and enjoy the VR experience.

You can watch VR videos and movies from any site you want, provided they are legal and you can copy the site. At the end of the day, you will feel the $14 really worth it and can have an unlimited VR binge-watching.

a. DeoVR

This is another platform app that allows you to stream any video in VR, and it is also free! You will get the app from the Oculus store. The process is very similar to Virtual Desktop too. You just have to find a VR video from any legal website.

Launch the DeoVR App and paste the link in the Videos option. Make sure that your internet connection is really good. This is a streaming app, the video will not download, but will stream. If the internet connection is not good, it may hinder your VR experience.

b. Opera Developer

The Opera Web Browser has developed a 360° VR streaming platform. It will cost nothing to download and watch VR videos. First, you have to go to the Opera Developer Download Page and download it. Find a VR video from any legal site, preferably Youtube, and copy the link.

In the Opera page, you will find an option Watch in VR, click that. In the Opera VR Toolbar, there is a Cube button, using your Oculus remote or Touch controller, click that button.

Your video will stream in VR. Since the video does not download here, you have to make sure that you have a good internet connection that will not spoil your VR experience.

What To Watch?

You may be confused about what to watch now. Well, we have you covered for that, too! Here are some popular VR videos that will make your VR experience worthwhile:

1. NightFlyers VR

This psychological thriller by G.G Martin is sure to baffle you. You will be taken to outer space and will discover some dark mysteries with a group of scientists. Isn’t this everyone’s dream?

2. Do Not Touch

This video brings you the experience of an immersive museum where the art is brought alive! Browse had achieved this effect by stylizing the paintings with advanced AI. Do make sure to check this video to have an experience of a lifetime!

3. National Geographic and Discovery Channel Videos

Both these channels provide a lot of videos in VR. You can experience wildlife in the comfort of your living room. The almost life-like will surely take you on a different mind trip.

Happy Binge-Watching!

We hope you found all the information enough to understand how to watch the VR videos and have an amazing experience! If you also want to create VR videos, getting a good VR computer is a good option and a headset.

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