How to Watch Movies in VR: Top 4 Apps That Ensure the Ultimate VR Experience

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Virtual Reality is amongst the top trends in the present tech-era. But when it comes to watching movies in, people always give it a second thought considering that it might be an immensely intricate task to set up a VR or how to watch movies in VR.

Since Samsung, Apple, and other tech giants became focused on VR, the demand and interest of the common population have shifted drastically onto it. VR is one of the technologies of the future, a simple guide to handle or operate it might work wonders for you.

Here’s a complete yet simple guide on How to watch movies in VR. But first, let’s get a quick idea of what is VR?

What Is VR?

Virtual Reality, commonly popular as VR is an experience where you can watch anything on the VR headset rather than on the conventional TV screen. The experience completely different from the real world and is fully dependent on the virtual factors that impersonate the real world to create personal space for the viewer virtually.

People prefer to use Virtual Reality Headsets to experience virtually generated realistic assets such as images, sounds, and other sensations leading to overall stimulation, giving the user a physical presence but in the virtual world.

Is VR Better Than The Traditional Ways Of Watching Movies?

If you are looking for a complete realistic yet personal experience, then VR is the ultimate option for you. When you put on a VR headset it takes to another reality, you can also say that it teleports you to another time and space of the places or the movies you are watching.

Whether you are watching a 2D, 3D, or a 360-degree VR movie, it can experience all of these with utmost reality along with a distinct and memorable experience apart and afar from any disturbances or noise of the real world.

The market is full of numerous VR headsets that you can choose from, the best picks include

  •  Samsung Gear SM-R322
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Go Standalone
  • Playstation VR
  • Google Cardboard
  • Google Daydream

Types Of Videos Available For VR Streaming

  • Traditional 2D Videos 

The videos or movies that you stream generally on your laptops or TVs such as YouTube videos, DVDs, or movies, can be easily viewed with VR headsets. Although the experience while watching 2D movies or videos differs tremendously in case of sound and reality with VR. While watching 2D videos in VR you don’t have access to special VR features.

  • 3D Videos

3D videos are more interactive and realistic as compared to 2D, and possess completely different theatre experience for the viewer. The downhill experience with the 3D movies VR lies in the availability of the content, as 3D cinematic blockbusters are not released very commonly.

If you are considering watching a 3D movie in VR headset make sure it isn’t a horror genre!

  • 180/360-degree Videos

The 180/360-degree videos are generally found on Facebook, and YouTube to exhibit a completely real experience to the viewer. These videos are built with changeable viewing options along with on-screen controls. The VR headsets allow you to look at the surroundings as you turn or tilt your head in any direction.

  • Complete VR Videos

A full VR video is a completely realistic experience. It allows the viewer to look around a 3D rendered environment by combining 3d with 180/360-degree resulting in an ultimate experience. 

Alike 3D videos, the full VR videos are available less frequently but with the advancement and boom in the companies taking leaps to make full-length full VR movies things are going to change in the coming years. 

Best Apps To Watch Movies In VR

If you are looking for an ultimate experience in watching movies in VR, you must have the mandatory applications to access controls and stream videos without any muddles. These applications help in smooth streaming and ease-access of your VR headsets.

 The applications built for Virtual Reality consoles or headsets are specially designed to deliver the best experience. While gaming can be handled by setting up steam VR, The streaming or VR control apps help the users to customize the size, distance, or background colors as per their wish.

1. Disney Movies VR

Disney world is jam-packed with movies and videos for all age groups. From classic cartoons to fairy tales, every entertaining delight on the Disney Movies VR app is family-friendly.

Disney is amidst the largest production houses in Hollywood, unlike other companies Disney took the first revolutionary steps to extract enormous profits from VR technology. The movies listed on the Disney VR app comes loaded with extremely high-quality virtual reality videos for almost every popular VR headset.

The Disney Movies VR application works smoothly with Oculus Rift, Oculus Gear Vr, and Steam.

2. Netflix VR

Netflix, the most popular streaming application of the present era has also taken the advance steps to launch a VR version of itself. The Netflix VR provides virtual reality experience anywhere anytime.

Netflix VR is smartphone compatible so, the user can plug in their VR headsets anytime to enjoy the virtual experience with ease. At present, this application is only compatible with Google Daydream VR headset paired with Android smartphones. The Netflix Vr app is free to download from the Google Play store. 

Although working for Netflix Vr is the same as Netflix; you will still need to subscribe to access the videos and movie content.

3. Samsung VR

In the race of accepting and developing VR technology and application, Samsun is not far behind. Samsung offers all its customers a VR video platform where they can discover a variety of video contents like movies, live videos, or even concerts.

The Samsung VR app is compatible with Gear VR headsets paired with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. With the launch of the new Samsung Gear 360 cameras, the users can also create and share VR content on the Samsung VR application platform.

4. Go VR Player

Go VR Player allows a 360-degree video stream on VR headsets with optimum quality and the ultimate experience to watch videos from local storage or URLs directly. The application has an in-built search feature that leads the user directly to the torrent site, where they can download the content for free and watch it later. 

The major hindrances are ADs on the search page, and the movies and videos search is based on a Chinese torrent database.


The experience with virtual reality depends majorly on the application or the streaming platforms, but one must always know how to watch movies in VR so that they can juice out all the nectar from their experience. We hope that this guide you have all the prior basic required knowledge on How to watch movies in VR.

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