Learn How To Set Up Steam VR In Simple Steps

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Just like popular social media websites, even social gaming platforms exist. One such social gaming platform is Steam. Steam is a website where gamers can play, buy, and discuss their favorite games. Besides, they can play a game together and connect via live chat during the game. Steam VR has also come out recently. So let’s see how to set up steam VR easily.

What Is Steam VR

Steam VR is an application of Steam. It combines the experience of VR content with Steam’s features for your favorite games. Steam VR enables you to play these games on a variety of VR hardware devices like Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, HTC Vive, etc. 

Set Up Of Steam VR

We shall now try to learn how to set up steam VR for all these hardware devices. 

Steam VR On Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets run on immersive virtual reality technology. But to learn how to start Steam VR for playing games, you should first install Windows Mixed Reality operating software on your PC. 

Follow these quick steps to install the software and play your favorite SteamVR games with Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

  1. Download and install the Steam VR for Windows. 
  2. After this, start  Steam VR and wait for the Steam VR tutorial to start automatically. 
  3. Then connect the Windows Mixed Reality headset with your computer and start the motion controllers on it. 

Once that is set up:

  1. Wait till the Windows Mixed Reality home loads on your computer and motion controllers on the headset become visible. Once this is complete, open the Steam app on your desktop.
  2. The Steam library will show up. Choose and launch the Steam VR game of your choice. 
  3. Now, control everything with the motion controllers on your  Windows Mixed Reality headset.
  4. If you press on the left thumbstick, the steam dashboard will open. 
  5. Windows button is also present on the Windows mixed reality headset. Press it if you want to exit the Steam VR game and move back to the Windows Mixed Reality home.

How To Use Steam VR On Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a popular VR gaming headset. To set up Steam VR on Oculus Rift, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Oculus account and go to the Oculus home page. 
  2. Click on the gear icon and select Settings. Under General Settings on the left menu, activate Unknown Sources. 
  3. Minimize Oculus and login to the Steam app on your desktop. 
  4. Select Tools from your Steam Library. Under the Tools menu, search for Steam VR and install it. 
  5. After installation, launch Steam VR by pressing the VR button on the top right corner.
  6. It will open the steam VR app. But it will initially broadcast a ‘Not Ready’ message. Here, you have to activate the Room Setup to start using Steam VR. 
  7. For this, click on the arrow button in Steam VR and select the Run Room Setup option. It will launch the room setup and, instructions will pop up on the screen that will guide you through it. 
  8. Choose the set up you need according to the space available. 
  9. Once the room setup is over, install the game and follow the regular Steam instructions. 

How To Get Steam VR On HTC Vive

Follow these steps and learn how to launch Steam VR on HTC Vive are:

  1. Follow the HTC Vive installation instructions. Install the virtual reality softwares like Vive Home, Vive overlay, etc. from HTC Vive’s official website. 
  2. Update your computer’s graphic drivers and make sure that your computer is ready for VR gameplay. 
  3. Select the room where you want to play the VR game on HTC Vive. Make sure that you steer away from any furniture, glass, etc before you start the installation and setup. Both HTC Vive and Steam VR allow seated and standing VR experience. 
  4. As usual, choose two Base Station points that have a proper view of the VR area that you select. These base stations should be above your head and must be angled 30-45 degrees downwards. You can use tripods or light stands to set them up. 
  5. Plug the power cords of both stations to an outlet. Ensure that one is in mode B and the other in mode C, for which clear markings are available on the Base Stations. 
  6. Connect the Link Box of your HTC Vive device to the computer’s graphic card using an HDMI cable. Connect the Link Box to an available port on your computer by using a USB cable. After connecting them, drivers will start installing on your computer. Do not unplug any of the wires at this point. 
  7. Now insert the orange cords of your HTC Vive headset to the Link Box. Again, some drivers will start installing so, do not unplug. 
  8. You should  know how to install Steam VR on your desktop. Download and install the Steam app on your desktop. Log into your account and go to the ‘Library’ to install Steam VR from Tools. Run room setup for Steam VR Just like before. Then, choose the game you want to play. 
  9. Once everything is complete, start the game, and with the motion controllers, select gameplay options. 

Set Up VR For Valve Index Headset

Follow these steps to learn how to set up Steam VR on Valve Index Headset:

  1. Valve Index headset for VR gaming also uses similar instructions to set up  Steam VR. Just choose your play area and set up two Index base stations. Next, connect the headset to your computer and install drivers. 
  2. Minimize the window and launch the Steam app simultaneously. Run room setup for Steam VR just like before. Use the guidelines in the VR kit to operate the motor controllers of the Valve Index headset. Choose the game and start playing. 


So, this is how the wireless streaming of Steam VR content is possible on your regular VR headset devices. Anyone can learn how to setup Steam VR with this simple guide. The basic setup of Steam VR is similar for most hardware devices, but the controller options in them are slightly different from one another.

Once the setup of Steam VR is over, things become simple. You can get access to other drivers and softwares after the set up is complete, which makes the gaming experience more exciting. 

We hope this guide helps you in your Steam VR set up.

 Happy gaming! 

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