How Much is Full Body Tracking VR?

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Tracking body movements with motion controllers on regular VR devices has become very common today. However, what if we tell you that with the same motion trackers, you can even get a full-body tracking experience? Yes, with new VR development platforms coming up, the regular motion trackers are being redesigned to track full-body movements. In this article we will see how much is full body tracking VR worth.

The full-body tracking VR technology has been a great addition to the VR industry. Earlier, the VR technologies were new for all users, and everybody loved them, even though the accuracy and precision were not as good as they would expect. Experts believe that with full-body tracking VR entering the market, the experience has changed considerably along with enhanced accuracy in the virtual reality experience. 

The Development of Full-body Tracking VR

Before thinking of working on a full-body tracking experience, the VR developers were designing more complex and expensive equipment for better virtual reality experience. Almost every year, at one exhibition or the other, these complex, high-end VR equipment pieces were launched. 

Equipment like VR Treadmill, reactive chairs, Haptic Suits, etc., was developed and launched. Earlier, more focus was on creating a 4D visual display for virtual reality devices. But soon, the developers realized that although the equipment was spot-on in enhancing the interactive experience, the cost of production and the market price was too high for expecting good sales. For this reason, they started working on a full-body tracking VR system where the same motion trackers could be used for other body parts as well. 

When it came out in the market, its users felt that it was much affordable than the other equipment and so, full-body VR tracking got great sales as well. 

The better thing was that even though the full-body VR tracking devices were cheaper, they offered a better immersive experience. Moreover, the full-body VR tracking equipment only included small motion trackers that were even smaller than a computer’s mouse. You do not need any other peripheral device or bulky gadgets for achieving the immersive experience. 

Why Gamers Prefer Full-body Tracking VR? 

Earlier, there was a dichotomy between the virtual reality device users. Some of them liked the whole-body feedback equipment like the Haptic suits that could give better tactile experience while playing the games. On the contrary, some users prefer using the controllers themselves to get a better feel of the game. 

To develop a middle ground between these two types of users, the full-body tracking VR was invented. The trackers that are available with all full-body VR devices are built on similar lines of the whole-body feedback devices, however, if the features of your device or the headset allows, you can use these trackers as controllers as well. By providing this option to the user, full-body tracking provides a solution for the varying needs of the VR users. 

How Much Is Full Body Tracking VR Worth? 

Currently, the full-body tracking mechanism for the most popular virtual reality devices is supported by third-party manufacturers. For this reason, the total cost of the full-body VR tracking includes everything from the VR device to the minor peripheral costs. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the most viable options for VR hardware equipment. They are readily available on online shopping platforms at a price of around $600-700. The full-body trackers are available separately in the range of $400 to $850. So, it takes the total cost of full-body tracking VR to more than $1000 on average. 

Why Invest in It? 

The times have changed today. While some years back, virtual reality was a fresh concept for almost all of us, the world is knee-deep into using VR devices today. With more people interested in buying VR devices, better technology is bound to come in the future with a greater influx of creation. It will also make updates to Virtual reality technology more affordable. In such a case, full-body tracking VR becomes a good investment. 

If you are an avid gamer, you might have tried several types of gaming consoles till now. VR full-body tracking is the next generation of console gaming. All popular games and game developers are keen on merging their products with the full-body tracking virtual reality technology. Game developers are already adding full-body VR to their development cycles. 

You can consider buying the full-body tracking VR technology for the following features:

  • The full-body VR technology allows avatar motion capturing that helps in monitoring body movements. 
  • It helps in providing an experience of collaborative virtual reality. It means that you can identify the position of people relative to a virtual environment. 
  • It helps in building the best simulation scenarios where you can track even the slightest movements in the co-player’s body. 
  • It helps in researching and training on newer simulations where different movements can be tracked apart from the regular hand and head movements. 

Drawbacks of Full-body Tracking VR

While full-body VR tracking is the best emerging technology today, it has few downsides for some categories of users. People who are casual gamers need to buy a specific set of computers and graphic cards to get the VR full-body tracking experience. For example, the full-body tracking system in the Oculus Rift headset recommends the use of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 for good graphics, and the Intel i5-4590 CPU. 

Getting a PC set-up like that will cost around 1000-2000 dollars in addition to the VR full-body tracking set up. In this way, the full-body tracking becomes an expensive deal. 


Ever since HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have provided full-body tracking compatibility with their headsets, many popular games curated for these headsets are coming out with full-body tracking support. Being a new development in the VR industry, people do not know how much is full body tracking VR worth. In all, the VR full-body tracking technology is worth your money, only if the virtual reality technology impressed you in the first place. If you are a gamer who enjoyed the VR versions of popular games, then you must try the full-body tracking technology so that you do not miss out on new updates in these games. However, if you are just a casual gamer, the cost of the full-body tracking VR can be a little steep for you. 

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