Best VR Headsets For Android 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Optolson 2. BNext 3. Atlasonix
Virtual Reality Headset By Optoslon Bnext Virtual Reality VR Glasses VR Headset For Iphone & Android Phone By Altasonix

In the past few decades, we have come so far in developing new gadgets year after year. Who would have thought that we could experience virtual reality with just a gadget? Yes, it’s possible in 2021, you can experience virtual reality games and whatnot.

To do so you just need a VR Headset to dive into the world of virtual reality. You can even experience the VR world on your smartphones, all you need is the best VR headset for Android devices.

That being said, today we will be discussing in detail about the best VR headsets for Android devices in this article. But before starting the list there are some things that you should know about VR Headsets in general. So, we will have a look at all those things. Let’s dive right into the article:


What Are VR Headsets?

Well, before going any further you should definitely know what exactly a VR headset is? So, a VR headset is a device which a user wears on his head and dives into the world of virtual reality. Moreover, in the world of VR, you can interact with the objects and use them according to your needs to enjoy the full extent of this technology. There are several VR headsets available in the market but picking up the best VR headset for phones can be a tricky job. So, here are some things to consider before buying a VR headset for your friends, family or yourself.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best VR Headsets For Android

Just like any other product, there are a few things that you as a buyer should consider before buying a VR Headset for your phone.

1. Is The VR Headset Compatible With Your Smartphone?

There are three types of VR headsets in the market those being – Standalone VR Headsets, Console powered VR Headsets and, Smartphone powered VR Headsets. So, before proceeding further you should definitely know that if the VR Headset on which you have your eyes set on is compatible with your device or not?

2. Controller Or Headset Button?

In the best smartphones VR headsets the company gives you the option to access your VR game with buttons on the VR headsets or use a controller to access the VR world. If you have some experience with VR Headsets in the past then you can easily access both the options. On the other hand, if you are a newbie in the VR gaming world then maybe opting for a controller is the best option for you.

3. Comfort

As the VR headsets are worn on the user’s head, it needs to be struck properly so that it doesn’t come off while you are enjoying in the VR world. That being said, sometimes a VR headset might become uncomfortable for you. So, you should check the comfort level of your VR headset before actually buying it.

4. Audio Quality

Even most of the best mobile VR headsets rely on the audio generated by mobile phones with the help of an audio jack but there are some VR headsets that use inbuilt speakers in the device itself. Of course, they’re a bit costly than the other device but if you don’t want to compromise with the audio quality during your VR experience. Then we will suggest you to go for the VR devices with inbuilt headphones for premium experience.

Well, that wraps up some of the most essential things that you should keep in your mind before buying a VR headset. Now, we will shed some light on the major advantages and disadvantages of using VR headsets for smartphones.

Advantages Of VR Headsets For Android

The VR technology is just amazing and there are numerous advantages of this technology which is still under development. That being said, here are some of the major advantages of VR headsets for smartphones:

1. Virtual Reality headsets can be used for helping children in education in new and innovative ways. They can use VR headsets for studying the practical aspects of a subject in a better way. In simple terms, they can feel everything up close and understand them better.

2. These devices can be used to experience gaming like never before. You can actually become a part of the game and see everything through the eyes of your favorite gaming characters.

3. You can use these devices to visit places that you might not get a chance to see in the real world. With VR headsets it’s possible to visit famous tourist places such as the Niagra Falls or the Taj Mahal without even getting out of your room.

Disadvantages Of VR Headsets For Android

There are two faces of a coin and the VR headsets are no different. Despite having several advantages there are some disadvantages of VR headsets which might affect your decision of buying VR headsets altogether.

1. The first and foremost thing that might come to anyone’s mind are these gadgets actually safe? Well, they are safe to an extent. Meaning if you get immersed in VR headsets, they can actually have a bad effect on your eyes. So, make sure you don’t get addicted to these gadgets and use them only for short periods of time.

2. Some users have complained about these gadgets not being comfortable enough. As we said earlier, VR headsets need to be tightly worn otherwise they might fall during VR experience.

3. Lack of VR applications and games on smartphones has always been one of the major disadvantages of these gadgets. As the technology is relatively new and is still not perfected by any means. So, only a few selected companies can actually invest a huge amount of money on these gadgets and the applications for which they can be used.

So, these were some of the major advantages and disadvantages that even the best VR headset for android has to face. Now we will discuss some of the best virtual reality headsets for android which can be bought online from Amazon. Without any further ado, let’s begin the list:

We have made up a list of 15 best VR headsets for android which you can buy easily from your home. The list contains some of the best affordable and cheap VR headsets in the market. Let’s dive right into the list of these amazing gadgets.

Top 15 Best VR Headsets For Android 2021

1. Virtual Reality Headset By Optoslon

Optoslon Best VR Headsets For Android

The device features a fantastic 3d virtual reality experience using almost any phone in the market. The Virtual Reality Headset Glasses are designed especially for mobile games and movies for one who seeks 3D experience out of their phones. The device is compatible with any phone having a 4.7-6.2-inch display size. This is one of the best inexpensive VR headsets that you can get under 50$. This device supports both android and apple devices.
The headset is too compact and uses light plastic in the body, making it light. But the device surely is durable and will serve its purpose for a long time. The device uses a soft band for the strap to minimize the pressure on the head, making it better to use.

There is undoubtedly a lot more a VR headset can do, but at this price range, it’s undoubtedly the best VR set available in the market. The device is not available in any color other than white, so you don’t get to choose. There is only one variant available with no options in colors and frame rates. But the product is durable and serves its purpose and will surely amaze you with the 3d video effects. Also, you do not have to worry about the fact if you can use the device with some other phone because the device is highly compatible. There is no way you pass on this VR headset at such a low price.
The device can use any phone from Samsung, Apple, OPPO, red MI, Lenovo, Motorola, and many other mobile phones as the input device.


2. Bnext Virtual Reality VR Glasses

Bnext Virtual Reality VR Glasses

The headset is compatible with any smartphone such as iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Xperia, Nexus, Droid turbo 2, Google Pixel 2, LG, Asus, Meizu & any other standard phone with a screen no more significant than 6.3” bringing you a fantastic immersive visual 360 experience that no other VR headset seems to deliver with the same efficiency.

You do not need to get a controller or a remote-control device. All you need to do is download the apps that are compatible with the VR device, and you are good to go. Buy controllers that are compatible with your phone if you need one. Watching movies with virtual reality headsets is fun, but when your eyes align with the screen box and to make sure that happens, the VR headset offers FD and OD adjustments with wide FOV to expand the viewing angle that no other VR headset provides.

Once you start gaming and watching VR movies with Bnext 3D goggles, that is it. This will be that experience that you see gamers talk about. The dynamics and animations produced by the screen are on point. Talking about the design, a comfort-fit experience with a head strap of foamy material, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure has been provided on the device. The device is also manufactured in such a way that it supports most games and delivers a fantastic experience. All games on the stores of any phone can be enjoyed with the use of this VR headset.

This is one of the best VR headsets that you can get under 40$ and expect a lot out of it.


3. VR Headset For Iphone & Android Phone By Atlasonix

VR Headset For Iphone & Android Phone By Altasonix

The device is designed to work with smartphones and mobile devices from a screen range from 4 to 6.3 inches, and that covers almost every phone. Boasting HD optimization along with 3D gaming support, you’ll surely get the best experience out of this VR headset.

The VR headset allows you to adjust FD and OD to make sure you align the screen in the best way giving one option to change the display in whatever way they want. This device comes with a fully adjustable strap and eyesight protection system making it safe for anyone. It is a good deal with more than 300 games, apps, and VR adventures available on the web. A QR code is also provided along with the package for the ones who need to go extra and play every game possible.

The device is one of the best VR headsets making the best gift for anyone. Nothing is better than gaming or watching movies with 3D experience independent of where you go. Just carry the headset and enjoy the show. The device is also one of the best-looking VR headsets in the market if we talk about the design. The body is made up of lightweight plastic and looks like a beast of VR headsets with a color combination of black and red.
The material used is durable and comfortable to use. The VR headset is available under 35 dollars without the controller, and if you need a controller, you can buy an integrated controller along with the headset by adding a few bucks to the bill. The headset is the best VR headset if you are concerned about the design of the headset without compromising the display quality.


4. Virtual Reality Headset Glasses By Wapster

Virtual Reality Headset Glasses By Wapster

Virtual reality headsets 3D VR glasses cardboard work with smartphones and mobile devices of display size 3.5 – 5.7 inches. Being compatible with iOS, Windows, Android-like LG, Huawei, HTC, Nexus, Sony, to bring you an incredible optical 360 experience. Boasting HD optimization along with 3D gaming effects support you’ll put your gaming expectations and performance right into the action with games. You can get lost with the movies and more! The adjustable strap of the headset is made of lightweight material, which can decrease up to 30 times of pressure exerted by the headset around your eyes and on your head, providing you a more comfortable feeling.

This Flexible and adjustable headband is appropriate because its incredibly soft and thick foam is also used unlike any other VR headset making it the most comfortable VR headset. You can download VR apps from Apple Store and Google Play – for free and get it started with the 3D effects. You can also enjoy fully interactive 3D videos from YouTube or dedicated VR websites. Immersing into fascinating 360° Videos Games has never been easier. The VR headset eliminates vertigo. Virtual reality headset is suitable for everyone, even including those who have myopia. Pupil settings have been initially done for the best 3D experience. 3D VR headset has a considerable good design, comfortable, super lighter weight because of the light and less durable plastic, and adjustable straps for flexible wear.

The device does not have much to offer, but it is available under 20$. For the ones who want to try VR headsets and do not have a high budget, this device is undoubtedly the best VR headset that you can get spending the least. The headset is also lighter because of the small size, and the plot feels a lot more compact than any other device but delivers the performance. VR Glasses also offers FD and OD adjustments to extend the viewing angle and correctly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for diminished distortion.




SHINECON VR Glasses uses ABS Non-woven with an adjustable headband of nylon because of its breathability. The manufacturers featured its innovative fabric design making it extremely comfortable for wearing. The manufacturers made sure that the VR is pleasant enough. The device is loaded with a PMMA optical resin lens and eight layers of nano-coating that helps to reduce visual deformity, glare, and eye fatigue. The built-in detachable, replaceable, and breathable leather pad can keep the VR clean.

Ergonomic designed T-shaped straps with VR balance put less stress on heads and reduce 30% pressure around your eyes, face, and head, so you don’t get dizziness and fatigue while using glasses. Adjustable and fit for different sizes of heads. The built-in removable, soft leather protector does not go hard on your skin and appropriate cutout for the nose that helps you breathe easily.

The soft sponge used inside the headset protects the phone from getting scratched. The Memory-protein ear cushion ensures lasting comfort. The softly padded headband allows you to find the perfect fit without arrest, the band can be adjusted.

The Noise Canceling around-ear headphones give you a crisp, loud sound and ensure you enjoy your video games, movies, and music better. The headset sure is the best VR headset with all the features that a VR headset can be loaded with. There is no other feature that can be added to a VR headset. This VR headset is ideal and best for the ones who need the video quality and sound at the best quality possible. From design to performance, this device has got it all. You can get the VR headset for less than 35$. It is a bit expensive from the others, but surely it is better in every way. The material used and the performance make this device the best.


6. VeeR Falcon VR Headset With Controller

VeeR Falcon VR Headset With Controller

Built-in around-ear headphones with noise cancellation from Falcon Headset will help you enjoy your VR movies, games, and music. No animation is fun without good sound effects, and this device surely will not disappoint you when it comes to sound effects. The noise cancellation also works well and provides the insulation that one would need.

VeeR Falcon VR Headset is mainly designed and developed considering comfortable use. VeeR VR Video App does not need any assistance and updates every month. You will have a good experience on your VR headset with VeeR VR Content App as you will get all the content that is VR compatible. Search ‘VeeR’ on play store or app store, discover a vast VR Content library.

Built-in microphone for better gaming experience and the 3.5mm headphone jack to answer calls directly. The unique bi-focus adjustments (FD/IPD) allow you to expand the viewing angle and depth for each eye, increasing the effectiveness and making the experience better by adjusting.

Compatible with smartphones like iPhone XR, XS, X, 8, 8 plus, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy s8, s7, j3, s7 edge, s6, s6 edge, note5, a8 , note3, note 4, s5, Google Pixel 2, 3, One plus, Motorola,Nexus, Droid turbo 2, HTC one, Huawei, LG etc but the controller is limited applicable with iOS system and that is one limitation that comes with the VR headset.

The Vr headset is available under 50$. This is a high-end device that delivers the performance at its max. This device is the most comfortable Vr device that you can get under 50$. The design is simple, and the best material that the manufacturers use makes it the best. You get the controller along with the VR headset with a set of batteries.


7. Pansonite Virtual Reality Headset

Pansonite Virtual Reality Headset

The VR headset is capable of projecting true-to-life movements with vivid graphics, directional audio, and HD haptic feedback systems. Watching movies on this device with a sound of high quality in high definition feels as if you are watching it for real. You can expect good performance out of this product at a lower price. There is no need for controllers while operating the VR headset.

The VR headset supports Android phones and other smartphones with a screen size within 4.7- 6.2 inches. The VR headset is not that fancy but delivers the performance. At the price under 30$ the manufacturers did not do much with the design but did not compromise with the performance either. The 3D animations produced on the lens is unmatched and makes it one of the best VR headsets.

Experience portable and complete 360 immersion with a wide 120° view. The device is portable and easy to use making it a friendly device for kids and elders. Spatial audio drivers are built right into the headset enhancing the performance of the device providing dramatic, immersive sound. There is no sound cancellation in the headset but that does not make much of a difference. The material is durable and uses soft material for the band. The device also makes sure the phone is handled carefully protecting the screen against scratches.


8. Pansonite VR Headset with Remote Controller [New Version]

Pansonite VR Headset with Remote Controller [New Version]

After three years of research, development, and adjustment, the new device has reduced volume and weight, but also better internal components providing the best experience. The manufacturers made sure that they use the highly efficient but small parts while designing. Pansonite VR runs with a new handheld controller that responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences, making it a virtual experience.

Eyes Protecting gear has also been put in the system to make sure that it is safe for eyes. HD resin aspherical lenses are updated for the animation to be smoother and more purified, eliminating the feeling of vertigo and providing you high-resolution animation.

It uses soft, and breathable leather padding on the front, making it easy and comfortable to use even after hours of watching. Adjustable pupil and focus distance where you can get a better experience of watching movies as you can alter the focal length according to your convenience. Pupil settings make the 3D experience better, even to those who are near-sighted.

This adjustable T-shaped strap uses a lightweight material that is breathable and soft reducing the pressure on eyes and head while using. Earlier, the headset used to be heavy and used to put the head under a lot of weight but it has ultimately been fixed. This Flexible and adjustable headband is for altering the grip. What’s more, the nose area is deepened, reducing the pressure on your nose. The removable front cover helps heat dissipation and allows the heat to flow, so the performance is not compromised and keeps cool while enjoying the virtual world.

Compatible with Smartphones with a screen size within 4.7- 6.0 inches and has a protective layer for the safety of lens. For the tagged price, it is a good deal for anyone that likes to spend time on the phone, watching movies and playing games. The performance delivered by the device is better than the previous version.


9. VR Headset By VR Empire

VR Headset By VR Empire

The VR headset for specially designed for the iPhone but can also be used for all other Smartphones having the screen size between 4.0″ to 6.5″ such as Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, etc.

The VR headset is loaded with flexible headphones. The earphones are packed to ensure easy communication. The device comes with a set of games that you can download from the app stores. The VR headset is one of the best VR headsets when it comes to the performance.

The animations on the lens are so smooth, independent of the video quality and the phone. The device seems to work smoothly, whether you want to play games or watch movies. The 3D experience with high-quality earphones is what you need for perfect gaming experience, and this device makes sure.

The headset is at the place where it should be and can be adjusted as well. The device is ideal for the ones who go for the performance but do not want to compromise with the design as well. This is just a perfect package for anyone that wants to experience what virtual reality is. The 3D animations produced by the lens are so good that you will be amazed what a device this small can do. The product is one of the best products available under 50$, and there is nothing more you would expect out of a VR headset. The device has got it all. From design to performance, display to sound, the device is the best.


10. AOGUERBE VR Headset


Virtual Reality headsets have become the next big thing in the world of technology. But just like any high-end technology, these also cost a fortune if you are buying from renowned brands such as Samsung or Google. On the other hand, there are much cheaper Virtual Reality headsets available on Amazon. One such product is the Virtual Reality headset by AOGUERBE that is recognised as the best VR headset for android smartphones by many experts. If you budget is under $50 and you want to explore the world of virtual reality then this gadget will make it possible for you. Moreover, there are a ton of positive reviews about it on Amazon which just adds more to its value. Now you might want to know the specifications of this device, right?

So, coming to the specifications of this Virtual Reality headset, it has an adjustable T-Strap to give you supreme comfort while enjoying the world of Virtual Reality. Also, that T-strap helps in reducing the stress around your eyes and face during the VR sessions. The front cover can also be removed so that your phone is cool during long hours of usage. Coming to the lens, the company has used an adjustable lens which can be adjusted in two ways – either moving the lens or moving the phone itself. This product can be used to enjoy the giant IMAX luxury theater, a panoramic FOV experience of up to 120 degrees, can watch immersed 3D videos, VR gaming and much more.

For the comfort of the users at all times, the product uses thick padding inside and soft skin outside to maintain comfort of the user all the time. There are in-built headphones which can be stretched either forward or backward for user’s comfort. Lastly, the device is compatible with almost every big-name smartphone series such as the Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel Series, etc.


11. Virtual Reality Goggles – VR Wear

Virtual Reality Goggles - VR Wear

VR Wear is one of the few companies that have mastered in making excellent VR headsets for phones. The Virtual Reality goggles are one such product from the company and it is arguably the best VR headset for android phones by VR Wear. It is just brilliant from built quality to features, it has everything you should expect from the gadget. If you are looking for the best VR headset under 50 then this is the product for you. And, there are a ton of positive reviews on Amazon by several happy customers about the product. That just adds more value to this VR headset designed especially for mobile phones.

Now talking about the specifications of this product, it allows you to dive into the world of Virtual reality. From games to IMAX movies everything is possible with this gadget. Moreover, to enhance your VR experience it also supports 360-degree spherical videos. The VR headset comes with a comfortable lens adjustment in 4 directions separately which adjusts the focus and IPD. Coming to the lens of the VR, it has a 105-degree vision angle which provides more precise vision and reduces dizziness. Furthermore, the VR headset is extremely comfortable as compared to many other products at the same price tag. As it has adjustable straps which can be tightened or loosened according to your need. Lastly, to add more comfort for the user it doesn’t touch the nose of the user while wearing hence giving supreme comfort while experiencing the VR world.


12. Virtual Reality Headset – KAMLE

Virtual Reality Headset - KAMLE

Not everyone can afford the expensive VR headsets made by Samsung and Google. KAMLE targets specifically the budget segment of the virtual reality headsets and goggles. And they have made quite a name in this segment. The Virtual Reality Headset by KAMLe is one of the best affordable VR headsets available in the market as of now. As it costs just under $50 so, anyone who wants to experience the virtual reality world can do it at an incredibly low cost. Most of us think that if a product costs low it translates to trash but the 100s of positive reviews on Amazon backs up this product as one of the best VR headsets for Android.

Coming to the specifications of this virtual reality headset, it is compatible with most of the top-notch mobile brands such as HTC, Samsung and Nokia. Although this gadget is targeted at the android audience it is well compatible with every iPhone after the iPhone 6S. It can be used for playing 3D virtual games, watching IMAX movies, watching 360-degree panoramic videos and much more at a very low cost. Also, the design of the headset is made in such a way that it can easily dissipate heat making the phone cool. Additionally, the VR headset has a super foam face protector to give you increased comfort while using the VR headset.

If we talk about the lens which is used in the headset, it is an anti-reflection, anti-blue ray glass which can project up to an 8-meter screen. It supports high-quality video up to 2Kp. There is an app that goes with the device that turns the images into 3D format so you can enjoy your VR experience with ease. Just download the app and you can easily turn an image into a 3D format. Unlike other similar gadgets at this range which has a 105-degree field view, this VR headset supports up to 120-degree field of view.


13. Virtual Reality Headset – VR Shinecon

Virtual Reality Headset - VR Shinecon

This product by VR Shincon is one of the best cheap virtual reality headsets available online. Gone are the days when you had to spend hundreds of dollars to experience the VR world. Now with products like this, you can easily dive into the world of Virtual Reality by spending not more than $50.

The Virtual Reality headset by VR Shinecon is one of the best VR headsets for android phones and if you are wondering what’s more? There are a ton of features in this affordable VR headset that makes it stand out from the rest of the products. That being said, you can also check the honest reviews by happy customers on Amazon about this product.

Talking about the specifications of this Virtual Reality headset, firstly the company has made this gadget as light as possible which is the result of its over 2 years of research in the field of Virtual Reality. It uses an HD resin aspherical lens to give it a smoother look and provides high-resolution imaging. This gadget is made up of soft leather to give you extreme comfort while enjoying in the VR world without any worries. It even has a sponge inside the VR headset to protect your smartphone from getting scratched, amazing, right? Ergonomic T-shaped straps helps in reducing up to 30% of stress on your eyes and head so that you can enjoy long sessions of VR gaming or watching a movie without any dizziness and fatigue.

What’s more? It can be used to fit multiple head sizes and fit on your nose to let you breathe without any obstructions. Before diving into the VR world, you need to download an app on your smartphone which is compatible with the VR headset in order to play the 3D videos and images. Lastly, it is compatible with almost every top-notch smartphone brand from Samsung and Google devices.


14. 3D Virtual Reality Headset – ELEGIANT

3D Virtual Reality Headset - ELEGIANT

Looking for the best VR headset for Android devices under $20? ELEGIANT has brought in the perfect product for you. Its latest product dubbed as the 3D Virtual Reality Headset is the perfect fit for the ones who are looking to enjoy the world of Virtual Reality without spending much money on it. This product has all the necessary features and is loved by customers who are using it. You can check out the high praising reviews about the product on Amazon. That being said, you might probably wonder what are the specifications of this product as it costs so less, right?

Coming to the specifications of this 3D Virtual Reality headset, it is designed to keep your smartphone ventilated even during long sessions of interacting VR world. To do so, this product has a wind guide hole to achieve the task of keeping the smartphone cool. This gadget supports 3D movies, images, games, 360-degree videos and much more. The T-Shaped design of the strap helps in reducing the pressure on your eyes and head up to 30%. Moreover, it also helps you do long hours of VR gaming or watching movies with close to no fatigue and dizziness. There is also a thick padded cushion to provide comfort during long hours of viewing time.

The 3D virtual reality headset uses a premium optical PMMA aspheric lens to give you a clear look at the VR world. It also has an adjustable Pupil and focal distance. Additionally, the company claims the device is extremely durable and can work easily for up to 72 hours. It can be used with any of the 300 apps which are available for free on Google play store. Lastly, the device is compatible with every smartphone having the screen size from 4.0-6.0 inches.


15. VR Headset With Bluetooth Headphones – VR Shinecon

VR Headset With Bluetooth Headphones - VR Shinecon

VR Shincon is one of the biggest names in the world which exclusively targets the lower ranger VR Headsets. Despite being low cost, its products are considered some of the best cell phone VR headsets in the market. One such product is the Virtual reality headset with Bluetooth Headphones which is unarguably the best VR headset for Android smartphones. If your budget is less than $50 then you can get your hands on this product from Amazon. To add more to its value, there a numerous positive and honest reviews praising this Virtual Reality headset by VR Shincom. If you are wondering about the full specifications of this gadget then you are the right place.

Talking about the specifications of this Virtual Reality headset, as the name suggests it is compatible with smartphones which has Bluetooth. You can use the Bluetooth to easy control the phone with the multi-function keys, such as calling, answer, pause, playing and much more. Coming to the lens of this gadget, it uses ab Eye Protected Anti-Blue Light HD Lenses which gives you unparalleled clarity while using the gadget. Moreover, you can adjust the built-in headphones according to your comfort. Just like any other Virtual Reality headset, the Pupil and Focus distance can be adjusted according to your needs too. Thus, allowing people who suffer from weak eyesight to enjoy the VR experience just like anybody else.

The T-Shaped strap of the gadget is made of extremely lightweight material. Also, this design helps in reducing stress up to 30% while enjoying a VR session for long hours. Additionally, the VR headset can be used for different people and the nose area is deepened to avoid extra pressure on your nose. Lastly, it is compatible with a huge range of smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung Note Series, Google Pixel series and many more. All the above-mentioned features make this product the best VR headset for Android smartphones as of now.


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope now you know about the best VR headset for android but there are always some questions that every customer wants to know about the Virtual Reality Headsets. So, that being said, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Virtual Reality headsets:

What Is A Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset?

Cell phone VR headsets utilize smartphones to give an augmented simulation experience. A user will slide their smartphones into the headset for a wearable HMD; the screen will be directly before the user’s eyes, with a lot of focal points that create a feeling of depth. Overall, they give the user an experience of Virtual reality meaning they will feel like they are actually the person in the VR game or application while sitting in a room.
How Much Does A Virtual Reality Headset For Smartphone Cost?

The best quality versatile VR headsets can cost over a hundred US dollars, yet there are less expensive options, as handheld VR watchers and Google CardboardOur list includes the best VR headsets under $50, we hope you can find the perfect Virtual reality headset for your use in that list itself. What’s more, there are several other low-budget Google Cardboard watchers and headsets accessible in an extremely quick changing VR showcase.

Can I Upload My Own 360 Videos?

Truly, you can. You can transfer your 360 videos on the dedicated website of the VR headset. For more information about transferring videos on the website and the protection setting of the website allude to the Content Uploading Guidelines of each website. Likewise, you can allude to the Content Production Guidelines and the Content Specs in the site for 360 substance creation tips and definite specialized determinations.

Which Smartphones Are Compatible With The Virtual Reality Headsets?

If you are going to buy a new generation VR headset then it will be compatible with almost every top-notch smartphone brand’s device. From Samsung to Google you can use that VR Headset on any of the latest devices. However, if you are going to buy an older version of the VR Headset that could be a different story. Also, if you are buying the VR headsets, there will be a detailed instruction manual that will come with the VR Headset to let you know the compatibility of the device.


We hope now you know everything about the Virtual Reality headsets for android smartphones. Moreover, we hope our list of the best VR headsets for Android will help you in choosing the VR headset according to your needs and budget. In the end, we would like to add that, even though there are many VR headsets available in the market, this technology hasn’t fully developed yet and in the near future we can expect a lot of VR headsets with much more improved features than the ones that are available nowadays.

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