Best Graphics Card For VR 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. ASUS 2. EVGA 3. Aorus
Asus Rog Strix Geforce Rtx 2080ti Overclocked 11g Gddr6 Hdmi Dp 1.4 Usb Type-c Gaming Graphics Card (Rog-strix-rtx-2080ti-o11g) Evga Geforce Rtx 2070 Xc Gaming, 8gb Gddr6, Dual Hdb Fans &Amp Rgb Led Graphics Card 08g-p4-2172-kr, Real Boost Clock 1710 Mhz Gigabyte Aorus Radeon Rx 580 8gb Graphics Cards Gv-rx580aorus-8gd

Virtual Reality is finally taking over the digital world in a big way. Whether it is gaming, workplace or any other prominent industry, virtual reality is overtaking many manual processes. It is possible to build or upgrade an existing PC to harness the best vr features that can be available on it. This might require a suitable graphics card to compose a satisfying overall experience.

Ideally, a ratio of 90 frames per second is most likely to give you the perfect VR experience. This guide will assist you in choosing the best graphics card for “VR”, so that you can avoid a screen tearing experience and enjoy VR as it should be. Choosing the wrong graphics card for your VR can give you a dizzy ride, which you should avoid.


The right graphics card will help you attain a comfortable VR viewing experience. By the end of this guide, you will be able to understand the features that you must look for when choosing a graphics card for virtual reality. Also, you will come across several options for graphics cards, which meet these requirements and fit the role of the best graphics card for VR.

What Is A Graphics Card?

Essentially, a graphics card is a piece of computer hardware that can produce various images and illustrations on a screen. When placed within a computing hardware environment, a graphics card renders various images on a screen. It converts various input data and displays it on an output unit.

In the absence of a graphics card, the integrated graphics chip within a system is used. It may be sufficient to meet basic display needs, such as web browsers and calendar, but it is impossible to get a satisfying experience when playing games, or viewing a high-end graphics feature.
It is the job of a graphics card to manage the pixel ratio on the output display unit and balance between input and output of data. A graphics card is hence, of primary importance in the league of virtual reality experience.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Graphics Card For Virtual Reality

When looking for a suitable graphics card for VR, you must look for certain features that can enhance your overall experience. We have compiled some of the most important features in this list:

1. Memory

Today, most contemporary graphics cards come with memory ranging between 512 MB and 11 GB. The most common type of memory for such cards is DDR3 and GDDR5. When it comes to playing games, you certainly should check the memory of your card. Some of the best graphics cards for VR come with higher memory. This helps the card perform at an optimum level.

The high-quality texture that you view on some screens is a contribution to these cards. The memory card is responsible to store all the graphical information. This information is consequently displayed on the output screen. Hence, it will not be wrong to conclude that the capacity of the card greatly impacts the overall experience.

2. GPU Clock Rate

Measured in MegaHertz, the GPU operating frequency measures millions of cycles per second. This, in turn, impacts the performance of the GPU. The higher this turns out to be, the higher the number of pixels that can be processed by the graphics processor every second.

However, this is not the only feature that determines the performance of the graphics card.
Nowadays, GPU units are designed to operate at varying frequencies. This helps in enhancing the efficiency of performance. While some units can operate at much higher frequencies, others cannot. Many graphics cards today work on this principle and manage to deliver high performance.

3. Fill Rate

The ability of a graphics processor to draw pixels is measured by its fill rate. Fill rates can be of two types, pixel fill rate, and texel rate. The pixel fill rate depends on the operating frequency of the raster operations pipeline. It enhances the speed of drawing pixels on an output screen.

The texture fetch rate is a characteristic of the texel rate. It is affected by the number of texture units and operating frequency. If the pixel fill rate of a card is higher, it means that the graphics card draws pixels faster. If the texel rate is higher, it means that the graphics card fetches textures faster. In the modern gaming scenario, both factors are equally important. They must be balanced as well.

4. Power Supply

The kind of power required by modern graphics cards cannot be supplied by a system alone.
For this, such cards require special 6 pin connectors. The higher the configuration of the graphics card, the more power supply it would require. Besides PCI Express, a card might require up to two power connectors to achieve the required power supply.

A computer system has many other hardware parts that require power consumption to operate. Usually, a mid-range graphics card obtains its power supply from the system alone. It is the high-end ones that require additional connectors.

5. Cooling System And Physical Dimensions

If there is something intrinsic to the performance of a graphics card, it is a cooling system. As a graphics card consumes considerable power, it also dissipates quite a lot of heat. It is important to ward off this heat with coolers. Lack of such coolers can lead to overheating of the graphics card and its failure. Heat sinks can cool down slow graphics cards, but the best graphics card for VR requires an active cooling system to avoid failure.

From heat sinks to heat pipe solutions, a graphics card vendor can make use of many options to achieve this. Sometimes, the size of the graphics card is quite large, such that its installation leaves hardly any space between the card and the enclosure. These factors must be considered before choosing a graphics card.

6. Noiseless Cooling System

For many users, noise is a major factor when choosing a graphics card. Cooling fans on some of the best graphics cards for VR can create noise. As the GPU temperature rises, so does the level of noise. For someone who wishes to avoid such noise, only a fanless and passively cooled product is the option. Since that might not be feasible for all, users should check reviews before making the ultimate choice.

The problem with passive cooling devices is that they can give difficulty in installation. Other components of the system can be blocked out due to this, and the overall efficiency of the system can be impacted. The installation of such units requires careful planning about ventilation.

7. Price

Perhaps the most underrated feature, the price of a graphics card is also important when choosing one. Although, it is quite clear that the choice of a high-end card will cost you much more than choosing a mid-range card. It still makes sense to evaluate all the features of a graphics card before making the ultimate choice.

Sometimes, a high budget card might offer features that you do not require for your purpose and at other times, a low-value card may not be efficient enough to meet your requirements.

Types Of Graphics Cards

The best graphics cards for VR also come in varieties. For a VR, here are the two most popular types of graphics cards that you will find:

  • Integrated graphics card: This GPU is built into the motherboard and does not require any addition. Laptops and computers are the most common hardware to use such cards. For updating these cards, you will also have to update the processor of the system. These cards leave room for the addition of a discrete card.
  • Discrete graphics card: This is a type of additional card. It needs to be installed on an expansion slot in the motherboard of the system. This card is beneficial for those who wish to upgrade this system in the future. All it would require is swapping this card for another one.
  • Discrete graphics cards are most suited to the requirements of those users who wish to utilize the system for gaming, video editing, and CAD design. Integrated graphics cards, on the other hand, are suitable for small-time activities like web browsing and regular office work.

Expansion slots for graphics cards also come in a variety of options. The PCI – AGP and PCI– E are some of the common ones.

Another factor that you must know about graphics cards is their form.

Listed Below Are The Common Form Factors Of Graphics Cards

  • Single-slot: Such graphics cards are usually low powered since they do not require a cooler.
  • Dual slot: More suitable for gaming and CAD design since they tend to have bigger coolers and usually ward off the heat that the card creates.
  • Triple slot: For graphics cards that can get hot and come with considerable cooling solutions to allow overclocking.
  • Low profile: These cards are meant to replace integrated cards and can support regular monitor work.

Importance Of A Graphics Card

When it comes to gaming in a VR environment, we believe that you wish for a seamless and perfect experience. Any feature that contributes to low performance will not go down well for a gamer. Whether it is CPU memory or the graphics card, you need optimized hardware features to ensure this kind of experience.

Insufficient memory or lack of adequate cooling can hamper your gaming experience. This is why the best graphics card for VR tends to be built around features that meet the expectations of the users.

Top 10 Best Graphics Cards For Virtual Reality 2021

1. Asus Rog Strix Geforce Rtx 2080ti Overclocked 11g Gddr6 Hdmi Dp 1.4 Usb Type-c Gaming Graphics Card (Rog-strix-rtx-2080ti-o11g)

Asus Rog Strix Best Graphics Card For VR

This power-packed and high-performance graphics card is among one of the best graphics cards for VR. The graphics card delivers superior performance with 1665 MegaHertz clock and 4352 CUDA cores. It can support up to 4 display monitors via HDMI port, USB type C port, and VR headset.

The Seamless Graphics Card That Simplifies The Viewing Experience

It is designed with sophisticated auto extreme and max contact technology. The graphics card delivers high quality and reliable performance and is built with ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting feature that provides an endless spectrum of colors. Easily synchronizes across all AURA Sync enabled products.

Check and monitor performance and enjoy real-time streaming with GPU Tweak II. Also included are additional software enhancements like Game Booster, X Split Game Caster and Quantum Cloud.
A triple Axial Tech 0 db fan ensures increased airflow and sinks heat faster. IP5X dust resistance technology ensures durability. The card is designed with cutting edge technology that boasts of a cooling shroud. This enables multi-card configuration for convenient use.

Powered by Turing GPU architecture, the card is built on the modern RTX platform. The graphics card gives a 4k gaming experience, perfect for your needs. The card has adopted a 2.7 slot design that provides a better surface area for cooling.

As an industry first, the graphics card enables Max Contact technology that creates a heat spreader surface. The advanced GPU Tweak II ensures advanced fan control and fine-grain performance tuning.
The overall features make it the best graphics cards for VR 250 and other VR variants. The 1650 MHz memory speed and RTX 2080 TI chipset brand ensure the seamless performance of the memory card under all performance domains. This makes it one of the Best Graphics Card For VR.


2. Evga Geforce Rtx 2070 Xc Gaming, 8gb Gddr6, Dual Hdb Fans &Amp; Rgb Led Graphics Card 08g-p4-2172-kr, Real Boost Clock: 1710 Mhz

Evga Geforce Rtx 2070 Xc Gaming, 8gb Gddr6, Dual Hdb Fans &Amp Rgb Led Graphics Card 08g-p4-2172-kr, Real Boost Clock 1710 Mhz

From a variety of options, you can choose an EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card that fits your system. It is regarded as one of the best graphics cards for VR. This one is built with 8192 MB GDDR6 memory details, which ensures the smooth operation of display functions.

Higher Performance And Durable Life

Also available with this graphics card are Dual HDB fans. These cooling features offer higher performance and a reduction in the acoustic noise. The unique Turing GPU architecture and RTX platform ensure the delivery of best display features.

As compared to the previous generations of graphics cards, this is a significant improvement in performance. It is also claimed that ray tracing in real-time brings the performance equivalent of artificial intelligence equivalent enhanced graphics to your games.

The graphics card is designed with Hydro-Dynamic Bearing fans which help optimize airflow.
Consequently, cooling is enhanced and fan noise is reduced by almost 15%. Further, a next-gen clocking version of EVGA Precision X1 software makes the gaming experience precise and easier.

This VR ready graphics card stimulates seamless performance and memory detail for boosted performance. The only drawback that you could face with the card is difficulty in the installation of the relevant drivers. This makes it nearly impossible to boot the system while the card is installed. However, the problem is limited to a few Windows versions alone.

The ergonomic slot design and built of the graphics card make it possible to mount the card with ease though. On the rare occasion that it might fail to function as expected, 3-year warranty support keeps the interests of the customers safe.


3. Gigabyte Aorus Radeon Rx 580 8gb Graphics Cards Gv-rx580aorus-8gd

Gigabyte Aorus Radeon Rx 580 8gb Graphics Cards Gv-rx580aorus-8gd

If you are looking for a feasible and economic graphics card option for VR under $400, this could be an excellent pick for you. The Radeon RX 500 Series is no joke when it comes to experiencing the best GPU for VR 400.
The card comes from a brand that is dedicated to gaming products and technologies, building the best gaming experience for users all over the world.

The Best Graphics Card At A Reasonable Price

An all-around cooling solution ensures that all key components of the graphics card continue to perform at par. Heat pipes, on the front side, connect with a metal base plate to eliminate heat from the card. The patented WindForce cooling module keeps everything under control with an apt cooling solution at every stage.

Excelling at design and innovation, the stylish metal backplate provides added durability to the card. Also, a smart power LED indicator gives an alert when the voltage turns unstable.

Fast memory speed of 8000 MHz and Graphics Coprocessor provide seamless operation of the card. The RX 580 has a RAM size of 8 GB and weighs 2.2 pounds, which is more than you could ask for at this price tag.

A few things to like about this card are its price band and compact fit, which simplifies the process of installation. The overall aesthetics of the card are clean and simple, without much bling. However, the Gigabyte does not come without its share of cons.

Many users have reported issues with the cooling system, both in terms of its performance and noise.
The LED software control system also displays problems with Windows 10 platform. For the price, this card is not bad and can be tried since it does have some cool benefits.


4. Msi Gaming Geforce Gtx 1660 Ti 192-bit Hdmi/Dp 6gb Gdrr6 Hdcp Support Directx 12 Dual Fan VR Ready Oc Graphics Card (Gtx 1660 Ti Ventus Xs 6g Oc)

Msi Gaming Geforce Gtx 1660 Ti 192-bit Hdmi/Dp 6gb Gdrr6 Hdcp Support Directx 12 Dual Fan VR Ready Oc Graphics Card (Gtx 1660 Ti Ventus Xs 6g Oc)

The GeForce graphics card is one of the most advanced and best VR video cards 100 to hit the gaming industry. Compatible with most NVIDIA headsets, the graphics card is one of the most favorable choices for a gamer.
Built with a core memory of 6000 MHz, the 1660 Ti version turns out to be faster and more efficient than the 1660 variant. This ensures that there is no hurdle in the seamless operation of the graphics card.

Better Memory And Ergonomic Features

The memory technology of the card is being dubbed as one of the superior ones in the market. Perhaps this is why the card’s performance is capable to beat many in line. There is a lot that can be done with the card such as capturing and sharing videos, and streaming live images in a flash.

The aesthetics of the card make it compatible with all system models. Added to this is a sturdy back plate that keeps the card durable. As far as cooling goes, the TORX fans 2.0 ensure the best performance with their curved dispersion fan blades.

The performance and budget price band of the card combine to give users a satisfactory experience. It is no doubt then, why the GTX manages to wade across the competition with ease. The card handles the operations with flawless precision, within a decent frame range and an economic price band. For gamers out there, possibly no other option could prove to be as useful and satisfying as this graphics card. The card is designed to offer maximum power efficiency, with a smooth plug and play functionality and low latency.


5. Asus Rog Strix Radeon Rx 570 O4g Gaming Oc Edition Gddr5 Dp Hdmi Dvi VR Ready Amd Graphics Card (Rog-strix-rx570-o4g-gaming)

Asus Rog Strix Radeon Rx 570 O4g Gaming Oc Edition Gddr5 Dp Hdmi Dvi Vr Ready Amd Graphics Card (Rog-strix-rx570-o4g-gaming)

Delivering an engrossing gaming experience, the ASUS ROG Strix is one of the best VR graphics cards. The unique wing-blade fans built on the card ensure over 30% added cooling benefits. This leads to almost 3 times reduction in the noise. The Aura RGB lighting offers a personalized gaming experience. The GPU Tweak II and XSplit Gamecaster provide faster streaming capabilities.

Advanced And Improved Performance With Added Durability

The 1310 MHz engine clock (OC Mode) ensures the highest performance. This comes as a bonus for gamers. The patented IP5 X dust resistant fans maximize the cooling and long life of the card. Tailor your gaming experience with ASUS Aura Sync RGB Lighting. The millions of colors displayed,provide a quality visual experience.

Unique AMD free Sync technology lessens communications gaps between the systems. Smooth display and faster frame rate give a stunning gameplay experience. Intuitive performance benefits with GPU Tweak II in typical user-defined mode.
The graphics card generates stable voltage with the help of Super Alloy Power II. Superior quality is assured with added reliability and overclocking performance. Ultra-premium look with gunmetal grey and black backplate makes the card appear stylish.

After analyzing user reviews, it has been found that this graphics card is best for graphic display and provides a superior performance. For a card of such quality, it proves to be a steal deal.

Heavy games can also perform well on this card, which is the best for mid-range games. The endless features of the card transform it into a reliable one. For game lovers, this card is the right pick at this price band.


6. Evga Geforce Gtx 1060 Sc Gaming, Acx 2.0 (Single Fan), 6gb Gddr5, Dx12 Osd Support (Pxoc), 06g-p4-6163-kr

Evga Geforce Gtx 1060 Sc Gaming, Acx 2.0 (Single Fan), 6gb Gddr5, Dx12 Osd Support (Pxoc), 06g-p4-6163-kr

Another innovative gaming partner for those who want something limitless- the EVGA graphics card.

This graphics card is powered by NVIDIA Pascal and is a favorable choice for games that run on high definition. This EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 card is built around innovative cooling technologies. The advanced swept fan blades, low power motor, double ball bearing delivering enhanced airflow perform even at low power consumption.

The Next Level Of Gaming Experience On Your System

The next-generation EVGA PrecisionX cards come with the best overclocking potential. The ACX 3.0 fans are built with double ball bearings that convert performance up to 4 times faster. The real base clock of 1607 MHz and Real Boost Clock up to 1835 MHz offer a 360-degree image capturing feature. Compact size easily fits along with the interiors of the system.

6 GB memory size lends stable performance to the gaming session. NVIDIA Game stream technology offers low latency performance, which optimizes the gaming experience.

It has quite reasonable power consumption in idle mode and load. Voltage stability lends further durability to the graphics card.

After analyzing the major user reviews on the product, it can be concluded that this graphics card is among the best for VR. Huge performance benefits come with low cost and small dimension design of the card. Easily fits any system environment for stable performance.

For the price and performance, the graphics card offers a seamless proposal for gamers, and is probably one of the best in terms of power consumption and noise levels. If you can shell out the cost to purchase this one, the card offers a power-packed performance.


7. Sapphire Technology Technology Radeon 11265-05-20g Pulse Rx 580 8gb Gddr5 Dual Hdmi/ Dvi-d/ Dual Dp Oc With Backplate (Uefi) Pci-e Graphics Card Graphics

Sapphire Technology Technology Radeon 11265-05-20g Pulse Rx 580 8gb Gddr5 Dual Hdmi Dvi-d Dual Dp Oc With Backplate (Uefi) Pci-e Graphics Card Graphics


One of the best advanced technical supports for future gamers, Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 provides an unmatched gaming experience. With a warranty of 3 years, this graphics card enables competitive performance in the best possible budget, along with a guarantee of unparalleled visual quality.

Quality Meets Affordability

It’s unique styling with vibrant colors adds to its looks, making it suitable to blend in with any base. Being tagged with the best gaming technology from the AMD group, this graphics card offers a non-tearing display, as well as a sturdy back plate at a reasonable rate, as a surprise for gamers. With a DirectX 12 API from Microsoft, gamers can experience better control and higher hardware throughput.

Nothing is better than ease of use, which is conveniently offered by AMD with its XConnect Technology. It aids in easy plug and play control along with its GPU easing the work with USB Drives.

Another fantastic technology is AMD’s Infinity Technology which enables multi-visuals across the screen area.
To work well with this technology, the workstations are upgraded to have multiple monitors for maximum experience, higher productivity, and usefulness. HDR Ready Technology is also included for the most amazing picture quality and image display.

Not to forget, the fans are built with dual ball bearings, having high dust resistance, no noise in operation and exactly the right amount of cooling. Due to this, the fan blades have a longer life and higher efficiency. This graphics card is hence, a complete package with the latest technologies. It is created in such a way that every meter and section of every single part of the card works to its maximum efficiency with durability.

Overall, a perfect balance of quality, durability, price, style, performance and real experience.


8. Sapphire 11265-01-20g Radeon Nitro Rx 580 8gb Gddr5 Dual Hdmi/ Dvi-d/Dual Dp With Backplate (Uefi) Pci-e Graphics Card

Sapphire 11265-01-20g Radeon Nitro Rx 580 8gb Gddr5 Dual Hdmi Dvi-d Dual Dp With Backplate (Uefi) Pci-e Graphics Card

For all the gamers looking to dive deep into the VR games, this graphics card is a dream come true. A boost for the gamin fanatics, this is the most satisfying purchase for the gamers at an amazingly reasonable price. Its performance is unmatched and its sleek design is to die for.

Without making much noise, this card is fantastic for heavy games. Improved performance and better prices

A Product Of Sapphire

This card has all the best features that only Sapphire can offer. With a lot of satisfied customers of the brand, this product is not less popular. The Nitro Boost enhances performance by amplifying the power capacity. Its clock boosting feature can make the experience of gaming even better. Its sleek design has a customizable LED lighting to match your taste and an award-winning central control system by Sapphire, that is, TriXX 3.0.

The card builds upon HDR Ready Technology for gamers, enabling a quality showcase of colorful display flawlessly. A technique that has revolutionized the power of gaming is AMD Crossfire which combines the power of 2 or more GPUs. No matter the need, AMD Crossfire powered cards are always a go-to for gamers of all budgets.

This graphics card ensures improved reliability and extended life with its aluminum capacitor, which is of top quality. It also ensures maximum improvement in overclocking capacity. The working of the fans is smooth and with as high noise reduction as 70%. It offers a pleasant and durable cooling effect through the GPU’s thermal conductivity.

Additionally, AMD LiquidVR is one such technology that ensures superb handling of any issues and minimizes the latency factor. No matter how new you are to the gaming world or how professional you are, the preference of Graphics card for the best complete experience in VR would fall onto the Radeon Nitro RX580.


9. Msi Computer Video Graphics Cards Geforce Gtx 1050 Ti Gaming X 4g

Msi Computer Video Graphics Cards Geforce Gtx 1050 Ti Gaming X 4g

Time to bring gaming to life with the most amazing graphics card in the market

Fulfilling every requirement of the gaming world, this GeForce GTX is made to be the backbone for every gaming body. Its features will keep you guessing about the best possible results and just want to dive into it. Gamers today, are quite happy with this powerhouse of features and appreciate the noiseless performance that ensures the maximum possible concentration on their game.

Better Aesthetics And Economic Option

This card offers the most optimized performance while being nearly half the price of the other counterparts. It has the Ultra high definition resolution, which provides gamers with 4 times greater display than 1080p. Lacking in image tear and input lag, this card is sure to provide a smooth and flawless gaming experience.

Apart from card noise, the ZERO FROZR technology eliminates the fan noise by halting it at a point of low load. Its TORX 2.0 fan works strongly for enhanced cooling through TWIN FROZR VI.

This also aids in a noiseless experience with added air pressure. With an MSI gaming app in existence, the gaming performance extends wide along,providing silence in light usage. It also provides an LED tan through which you can customize your lights based on the mood.

This graphics card is based on NVIDIA’s Pascal Architecture, which provides an improvement in performance, power, and memory. Additionally, a faster gaming experience has been made possible with a 1392 MHz boost clock and 1290 MHz base clock.

It also provides a powerful memory of 7008 MHz. This graphics card is the future of the gaming world. It has been described by many as the coolest and best VR card ever. It is not only seamless in working, but also completely future-ready with power-saving features, for next-generation gaming.


10. Asus Rog Strix Radeon Rx 570 O4g Gaming Oc Edition Gddr5 Dp Hdmi Dvi VR Ready Amd Graphics Card (Rog-strix-rx570-o4g-gaming)

Asus Rog Strix Radeon Rx 570 O4g Gaming Oc Edition Gddr5 Dp Hdmi Dvi Vr Ready Amd Graphics Card (Rog-strix-rx570-o4g-gaming)

Amplifying gaming experience to a whole new level, this premium GPU is one of the best for VR. Coming with it is a significant 7% appraisal via optimized heat pipes with DirectCU II direct contact.

Power Performance With Best Aesthetics

It has durable 1310 MHz boost clock (OC Mode) and 1300 MHz (Gaming Mode). This is a stark 7% increase in performance measures, than relative alternatives. It is empowered with auto-extreme manufacturing technology for durable performance. Sophisticated ASUS Aura Sync RGB Lighting offers customization of colors. This helps in synchronizing different colors with ease.

Boosted model with DirectCU II fans, and patented wing-blade structure can deliver up to 30% more cooling. Also, significant noise reduction of up to three times enhances gaming operations.

Easily monitor and control the performance of the graphics card with the GPU Tweak II interface. A unique CPU temperature sensing technology also helps to keep the card cool.

As per the analysis of user reviews, this card is quite ergonomic for gaming users. With so many features built right into one card, there is no reason why gamers should not try it out. The mid-high range GPU is still reasonably priced for the features that it offers. In return, it offers some great benefits and functions, which can hardly be matched by another.
The graphics card is designed with ergonomic dimensions that make it fit almost every system with ease. At max settings, you can opt for HD features. This makes the card a number one choice for one in many!


Bottom Line

Based on the analysis of the graphics cards above, here is our pick for the best options in the market right now.

The Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 meets multiple user-friendly criteria and bags the spot of the best graphics card. For an average VR user, who wants to focus on the performance of apps and great gaming experience, the card meets the criteria for the best graphics card for VR that is out there.

The price and performance combination of this card is unbeatable.

If you are looking to connect your headset for the best VR experience, this is an option that you must not miss.

  • The features of this graphics card which make it highly attractive are as follows:
  • The card is quite affordable. For the features that it offers, it very well manages to meet the expectations in terms of its cost.
  • The card comes with a great cooling system at minimal noise levels, aided by the 7 nm design.
  • The card can handle a standard gaming experience with ease.
  • The card is compatible with all leading system platforms, which makes it easy to sync it
    across devices.
  • It features a high-performance interface that supports high-end games.
  • Comes with three display port and HDMI port.

When it comes to VR, you will wish only for the best! There are plenty of graphics cards out there, each with their unique GPU configuration. From budget picks to overall hefty picks, you will get the option to choose any of these. Happy shopping!

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