Best 360 VR Cameras of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Insta360 2. GoPro Fusion 3. Ricoh
Insta360 One X 360 Action Camera, 5.7k Video And 18mp Photos, With Flowstate Stabilization, Real-time Wi-fi Transfer Gopro Fusion 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera With Spherical 5.2k Hd Video 18mp Photos Ricoh Theta Sc 360° Video And Still Camera

The best 360 VR camera can shoot magnificent panoramas, 3D images, and a 360 video. As the name suggests, these devices capture the world around you as it is, spherical. They are easy to use, just like the regular, a camera with the upgrade of taking a complete view.

While buying the 360 VR camera, one must remember that with this gadget, the shooting of a picture is not in a rectangular shot but rather a spherical. It starts from one point and finishes round at the same, giving the photographer a 360 view. Now, this is what capturing every moment feels like. This article will help you buy the best VR camera so that you can have the best experience in the VR.


How 360 VR Camera Works

There is a subtle difference between 360-degree stills and shooting 360 videos – because the former is easy to figure out, given they are static. In the case of the latter, the person shooting has the freedom to look wherever they feel like, but the camera will take the perfect shot. It is comfortable for the capturer to take a wrong angle on the way things are shot. Three hundred sixty videos are very confusing as the videographer thinks that they have control over it, but they don’t.

One of the main reasons why people prefer 360 cameras is the new technology of video hosting. In this feature, the user can shoot a film in 360 degrees, and after the shot is complete, it can be uploaded online on video hosting sites like YouTube. Nowadays, VR tech is compatible with cell phones and other devices like Oculus Rift and PlayStation. The demand for this content is high.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best VR Camera:

1. The Lens:

Lenses are a priority while buying any camera. Now a typical 360-degree camera has a minimum of two lenses. Usually, it depends on the purpose of purchase. To determine whether the lens is capable of filming the requirement, after the lenses, the user needs to check the ISO range and the shutter speed too. These aspects will give you a broader choice of what to buy.

2. Image Quality:

Another essential factor to consider is the resolution of the camera. The image quality will be resolute by the pixel assigned. The higher the resolution frame is, the better will be the quality of the video. One important thing to remember is that the camera with 3-D videos is usually have half the resolution of a 2-D camera.

3. FPS:

Frames per second is another aspect that the buyer should look seriously into. If we talk about the best film camera around the globe, few can capture at least 50 frames per second and more. Now to ensure that the camera you are looking to buy has a similar capturing video, its FPS should be at least 30 frames per second.

4. Storage:

The internal storage capabilities represent the hallmark of any camera. Now some high-quality camera comes with internal hard drives, but the most accessible one is those that have an expandable SD or micro SD slot.

5. Size Of The Camera:

If your main motto is to buy the camera for professional use, then keep in mind to buy a camera that is durable, portable, and convenient to use. Analyze the size of the camera rig you want. If your choice is the rig to fit in a purse, then don’t buy the massive platform. Be wise in making the decision while choosing the cost-efficient of a large camera; for good quality images, in comparison to a portable camera for convenience quality, is a better preference.

6. Battery Life:

This is the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind – that the camera should come with excellent battery life. Always check the specification concerning the battery life, to be sure. Also, consider the required timing for shooting. One may think to say in terms of dollars, but then investing in a camera that lasts 40 minutes to an hour full of shooting is always worth buying.

The two main types of video cameras are Monoscopic and Stereoscopic. The former is commonly used for the VR content and usually looks for filming the video with one camera, whereas the latter utilized two cameras designed for each eye. It also creates an experience of a 3-D shooting. Always prefer to best 360 VR camera that fulfills your requirement and fits right into your budget.

With a 360 camera, the shooter gets a covering over 180 degrees, which produce two hemispherical images that will later be merged to create a 360-degree spherical image.

Above were some primary factors that will help you find that one camera that will fulfill all your requirements and will be the best VR camera.

Top 10 Best VR Cameras 2021

1. Insta360 One X 360 Action Camera, 5.7k Video And 18mp Photos, With Flowstate Stabilization, Real-time Wi-fi Transfer

Insta360 One X Best VR Camera

Insta 360 ONE X is an action camera with a 5.7K video and 18MP photos. It has flow state stabilization with real-time Wi-Fi transfer. The 5.7K resolution makes it the best VR camera with the 360-degree videos sharp capturing. The user also has the option to turn on the 50 frames per second video to make it more seamless. As we know, a traditional camera always shakes at the perfect moment, but with the One X camera’s flow state feature, the capturing works smoothly. Another feature is of drift shots that let your camera take action in hand with the airborne slow-mo. The best part is that the camera shoots in every direction at once, and these give you angles and views you have never seen before.

Another popular feature of this camera is the Wi-Fi preview and transfer shot and transferred within a fraction of a second. The camera has 50MB/S cable transfer along with 5GHz Wi-Fi transfer. The speed is phenomenal. Another feature is of time-shift, wherein one can shoot the critical moments with the popular cinematic slow-mo. It is extremely famous these days, and one can also speed up things with the stabilizer hyper-lapse – and all of this in one single app. It is compatible with any devices like iPhone, iPad, HUAWEI, Honor, Samsung, XIOMI, Google Pixel, Vivo, Oppo. The camera also has an invisible selfie stick that clicks you in a third person’s view, and no one is left out. All you need to do is to pair the ONE X with their invisible selfie stick, and it goes on in a snap.

The user can shoot first and point later with the camera, by reframing the best part of the shots taken. You can also connect them with the ultra-smooth camera movements. After that, if you feel like it, then you can merge the favorite clips and add the music and effects accordingly. This feature feels like having and editing room right into your pocket. There is an option available to separately buy the venture case and the dive case that is known for its sturdiness. They are great for water sports like surfing and jet skiing. It protects the camera against drops and scratches.


  • Invisible Selfie Stick
  • The battery life is good
  • Wi-Fi transfer speed is fast


  • Bad picture quality
  • The material used is cheap.

2. Gopro Fusion 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera With Spherical 5.2k Hd Video 18mp Photos

Gopro Fusion 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera With Spherical 5.2k Hd Video 18mp Photos

The GoPro Fusion is known to be one of the best VR cameras. It captures spherical video and photos. It records everything so that you can select the best shots later. The camera has given so many options to make your life easy, like playback in VR or use the feature of over capture to make some traditional photos that you can share on your phone. Having the GoPro fFusion is like carrying a professional camera with you because of its smooth stabilization and 5.2 K video.

There is another feature of note-exposure that compensates for the unnecessary brightness of the video or photo. One can always adjust the settings as per their use when you are in a backdrop of contrasting light conditions. The camera gives the option of adjustment from minus 2.0 to plus 2.0, and you need to change it as per your need, but the default will always be zero. The higher the value, the brighter the images. If you are in an area that that causes reflection in the shot because of the windows or mirror, the user can always turn the status light off.

It is compatible with several devices like Asus, Google Pixel, Motorola, Samsung, Axon, iPhone, iPad. The user is requested to always read the manual before using the camera. The beautiful and immersive 360 experience that playbacks the spherical footage brings everyone present in the area shot into the moment. The camera needs two high-performance micro SD or SDHC or SDXC cards with a class 10 rating or the UHS-II/III rating or higher. Always make sure that the camera has the latest software installed on it and use the newest version of the app, because the manufacturers constantly fix all the bugs. There is a Go-Pro app for mobile devices and GoPro Fusion studio app for your PCs.


  • The camera has excellent image quality
  • Stitching files is comfortable although not fast
  • Product hosting is waterproof and made out of unique quality materials
  • Box INCLUDES high-quality selfie stick and pouch


  • Stitching files takes a long time
  • The camera requires the use of a good computer (see computer requirements for GoPro Fusion).
  • This camera is more substantial than a typical GoPro.
  • Fusion Studio lacks features to edit the files better.

3. Ricoh Theta Sc 360° Video And Still Camera

Ricoh Theta Sc 360° Video And Still Camera

The Richo Theta 360 degree is a high-resolution camera with fully spherical images and video shooting features. They have a bright F2.0 lens that operates intuitively. The camera comes with a new and improved user interface that makes sharing a pleasant breeze. It is compatible with various devices, including iOS and Android. The camera also has a personalized app known as the Theta App, for editing the best shots captured on the camera and Theta V app, which is for writing the spherical videos. The camera is water-resistant and comes with a hard case for the spherical cameras.

The camera also comes with a tripod socket, which makes it easier for the user to attach various camera accessories. There is an IPX7 solid case designed specifically to house the Ricoh Theta. The compatible models are Ricoh Theta SC, Theta S, Theta m15, Theta. One should remember that this camera is not compatible with the underwater shooting. When the users house the camera in the hard case provided, the shot is possible only through the mode of remote operation through a smartphone, computer, and tablet.

By one single shot, you can capture everything in the surroundings with the 360 degrees in one shot. No wonder people consider this one as the best VR camera. One can also shoot remotely from a smartphone as Theta SC supports various shooting styles. With the help of your tablet or smartphone and the Theta, App, one can see the images shot in 360 degrees with the Theta SC. You can revolve and rotate the photos as you like. Now, if you have a commercial VR headset, you can enjoy the shots and videos in full virtual reality too. It can make you feel like you are reliving the moment. With the dedicated Theta Apps, you can now edit all the 390-degree images and videos. It is one of the best 360 VR cameras in the market and is highly popular. It comes in four colors – blue, white, sand, and pink.


  • Good image quality.
  • The editing apps of Theta are compatible.


  • The camera doesn’t respond to the power button when the battery is low.
  • The wireless feature is limited.
  • The design is terrible and non-portable.
  • If one uses the remote app, all the photos get stored in the device connected without permission.
  • Connection issues are constant.

4. Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Camera VR 3d Panoramic Point And Shoot Digital Video Cameras 3k Hd Dual Wide Angle Fisheye Lens

Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Camera VR 3d Panoramic Point And Shoot Digital Video Cameras 3k Hd Dual Wide Angle Fisheye Lens

The Insta360 degree camera is the best 360 VR camera, available with its panoramic point and digital video cameras. It has a 3K HD Dual Wide-Angle Fisheye lens that makes clicking pictures even more fun. It is compatible with the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and all of the iPhone 6 series. It has the feature of going live on Facebook. The resolution is commendable, with 3040*1520 with 30 frames per second. If you remember in the article, we have mentioned above that frame per second is an essential factor to consider while buying a VR camera. The camera is portable, and with the dual 210 degrees fisheye lens, it is more convenient.

It is very friendly with real-time 360 photos, and video sharing live at either We Chat or Facebook. So, no matter where you are, you will always be connected with your loved ones, and they can also enjoy the moments with the live streams. The app is free for the user to download, and there are 360 players, a studio, and a plugin with the cardboard box. The Insta360 camera comes with a base holder bracket, which is made of aluminum alloy to provide maximum protection.

It is easy to use, basically is a one-button operation. It is said to be more comfortable than GoPro, and more efficient too. If the user attaches a Micro SD card that they can start the shooting without connecting the camera to any mobile devices.

The high-resolution lenses work like magic; they shoot the minutest of the details, and the 360-degree shot goes buttery smooth. Their compatibility with mobile devices is excellent, and if you are an iPhone user, it is like a cherry on top. It has the feature of directly downloading the images and video to the mobile device attached. Another feature of the live stream is that, as soon as Facebook detects that the camera is 360 degrees, it activates the 360 viewers automatically. That enables your friend to look at everything around you. It is one of the best VR cameras for you to buy.


  • Very light – fits in the pocket.
  • Simple to use.
  • One can go without a smartphone.
  • One button control makes operation easy.


  • The picture quality is terrible.
  • It doesn’t say well on your phone.
  • Battery life is terrible.
  • Unbelievably noisy.
  • Low-resolution 3D photos.

5. Insta360 One 360 Degree Panoramic Sports Action Video Camera Flowstate Stabilization 4k 24 Mp Photos Black

Insta360 One 360 Degree Panoramic Sports Action Video Camera Flowstate Stabilization 4k 24 Mp Photos Black

The Insta360 degree panoramic video camera, is known to be the best VR camera for sports action. It has the unique feature of 360-degree capture, wherein one shoots in a single direction, and can seamlessly capture the shot of the whole world around it. It has a 4K 360-degree video and 24 MP 360-degree photos. Once the shots are complete, in every frame, you can reframe the best parts and share the full 360-degree experience right from your phone. No doubt, it is known for its compatibility. It was produced to make life easy for the user.

It has the best in class stabilization and ensures the pro-level footage. It doesn’t hinder in what you are doing. Whether you are cycling, running, or even if your dog is carrying the camera, the result will be hypnotically smooth. One can capture the whole shot without any hassle. Now another feature that makes it the best VR camera, is the shoot first point later image capture feature. That means that one can create a superb edit with a few taps. Collect all your best shots and connect them with the ultra-smooth camera movements.

Who is not a selfie fan these days? For them, there is an invisible selfie stick so that you don’t need to ask a third person to click the picture. All you need to do is to mount one on a selfie stick and then watch it instantly disappearing, easy aerial shots without a drone. There are three ways for one to shoot – one is on its own, or control with Bluetooth, or connect directly to your smartphone, preferably the iPhone. No cables and lots of flexibility.


  • High-resolution videos and pictures are sharp enough to be put on any social media.
  • Decent enough software to shoot in manual mode and post-editing
  • Small form factor packs a big punch.
  • Best video/picture quality you can get at this price range.
  • The holder/case is a nice touch and multifunctional.


  • You have to buy Insta remote and selfie stick. It doesn’t pair with any other Bluetooth remotes.
  • The power button is too easy to be turned on by accident and wasting the battery.
  • Color infringement in most lighting conditions, and noise in low light conditions.
  • It doesn’t feel rugged enough for most outdoor activities. Hiking with it would be fine.

6. Yi 360 VR Camera Dual-lens 5.7k Hi Resolution Panoramic Camera With Electronic Image Stabilization, 4k In-camera Stitching

Yi 360 VR Camera Dual-lens 5.7k Hi Resolution Panoramic Camera With Electronic Image Stabilization, 4k In-camera Stitching

The YI 360 VR camera has a dual-lens with 5.7K high resolution with a panoramic camera with electronic image stabilization. The capture rate is 30 frames per second with an auto-stitch option in the app or in-camera menu turned off. One thing to note and ensure that the camera is compatible with the device, and has the required software to playback 5.7K videos. With the in-camera stitching with 4K and 30 frames per second, all the user needs to do is to shoot, then he can share the videos and images without the need for post-processing of any kind. There is a YI 360 App that is seamlessly compatible with iOS and Android, wherein you can download and share social media instantly.

The camera has a dual-lens, wherein each lens is 220 degrees with an aperture of f/2.0. Both of those combined provide complete 360-degree coverage. The images are vibrant, and there are no blind spots whatsoever. The camera also has a built-in advanced electronic image stabilization that keeps the footage stable. Let’s talk about the things included in the package – besides the camera, it comes with a USB type cable C, a mini tripod, battery, user manual, and a protective bag. When it comes to the battery, the user should keep in mind that it is compatible with the 1400 mAH YI 360 VR/4K replacement battery.

The camera has four viewing modes that bring the 360 footage to life. It has an activate phone Gyroscope that gives a flexible 360 experience on any mobile device. The active VR mode and a view with a VR head display provide an immersive experience. High-speed connection to the smartphone with the built-in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi offers the speed of download up to 100 Mbps.

It is highly comfortable and lightweight, and the design is very convenient to use. It was mountable to any ¼ universal thread mount. One can mount the camera anywhere, and the user can even install the YI 360 VR. If you are a creative photographer, this camera has tonnes of features for you to exploit, with the availability of the dual-lens and the high connection of Wi-Fi to the four viewing modes.


  • Excellent video quality in 5.7K setting.
  • Uses the same batteries as Yi 4K, extras are relatively cheap.
  • Excellent low light performance relative to other 360 cameras.
  • Strong WI-FI performance.
  • Stable build quality with a rubber-like feel for better grip.


  • Lacks sensors like GPS, accelerometer, barometer.
  • Not water resistant.
  • Not shockproof.

7. 360fly 4k VR Capable Action Video Camera Professional Camcorder, Black (360fly 4k)

360fly 4k VR Capable Action Video Camera Professional Camcorder, Black (360fly 4k)

This 360fly 4K video camera is the best 360 VR camera that delivers everything that you need to capture in your surroundings in an immersive, interactive 360 degree image or the 4K video from a single digital unit. The camera has a powerful 16-megapixel image sensor that provides 4K video resolution of 2880 pixels units with 30 fps. The camera gives the best professional video features that include the time-lapse and the front-facing modes, along with audio activation and motion. This camera has redefined what an action camera is and does.

The camera is water-resistant, shockproof, and dustproof. The water resistance is up to 1M. The camera comes complete with 64 GB of internal memory and built-in telemetry sensors. It also includes a compass, gyroscope, and a non-assisted GPS for the race data to videos, performance tracking, and connecting with other smart devices.
The 360fly designed a camera with such advanced technologies and applications that make people want to capture and share fully immersive and interactive experiences with 360-degree videos.The camera’s 4K footage transforms into the smartphone compatible experience with a simple push of a button.

The camera has two apps – one is for mobile, and the other is for desktop. The mobile app can turn your phone into the camera’s viewfinder, editing suite, and lets you share the 360-degree videos and easily with any social media of your choice. The desktop director app has many features and innovative tools. It allows the home computer to edit and add effects and share the video accordingly. The camera supports Windows 7 and above, MAC OS X 10.8 and above.


  • No stitching of images, thus no seams or strange missing parts like competitors.
  • It is waterproof, so no need to buy separate housing.
  • There is a standard tripod socket, so if all you have is that you can use that instead.
  • The camera is compact, so it can record everything around you without attracting much attention.
  • It can control exposure, speed, color, brightness and various other features of the camera using Smartphone or tablet using 360Fly app.


  • Battery seems to get over quick and no way to add extra battery.
  • No SD Card slot, hence no way to expand storage space.
  • Image quality is poor unless there’s lots of light.
  • Software is quite buggy.
  • No LCD or another way to quickly change settings without a smartphone or tablet.

8. Vuze Xr 5.7k 3d VR & 360 Camera

Vuze Xr 5.7k 3d VR & 360 Camera

Vuze creates engaging live content for people to enjoy the 3D VR content directly from the camera, which has never been more accessible. One can stream the 360 degrees or the VR 180 degree images or video directly to the VR headsets. The camera can deliver a unique full-view perspective with an unmatched experience when compared to conventional mobile streaming. The camera has a high resolution of 5.7K , with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. One can shoot with confidence with the built-in video stabilization.

By the touch of a button, the Vuze XR transforms altogether from a 360 camera to VR 180 degrees. This feature gives the user many unique alternate ways to shoot and tell the story – as they say, the bigger, the better! One can immerse in the tiniest of details with the 18MP, wherein you can keep all the data of the pictures. The camera is a dual 3D 180 degree and 2D 360-degree video recording camera that captures full stereoscopic half-spherical videos and photos. No doubt, it is known to be the best 360 VR camera.

The Vuze XR Camera is provided together with the Vuze XR app and VR studio. The XR app is useful as it can remotely control the camera. The app can edit and share media, which is stored on a removable SD card. The Vuze VR studio is often used to edit and make changes in the images captured using spherical editing tools. It also helps to stitch the media using the stitching technology present. The ability to share your experience with your engaging live audience has never been so achievable. Streaming either the 360 or VR 180 directly to your favorite social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube is a breeze now via the Vuze cast mobile app. This app is just fabulous; it has the features to seamlessly connect to all the media platforms that deliver to the growing audience, a unique perspective and experience.


  • Solid built a camera. It seems to be durable, even with the bug eyes open.
  • The image is pretty good.
  • Records plugged in.
  • Stitching is good.


  • You must use WI-FI to the device and cell service only for streaming.
  • It shuts off after 60 minutes. Don’t expect to set and forget.
  • You can’t monitor or review on the phone any video over 4K 30 FPS.
  • If you want to use it on your computer for a living, there is a hidden $200 cost to get the software.

9. Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4k 360° VR Camera Satellite Pack

Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4k 360° VR Camera Satellite Pack

A 360-degree VR camera has two fixed-focus lenses that are housed in a futuristic body for safety reasons. Each lens is designed to work in tandem to capture full 360 degrees in 4K video, and one can upload it easily with the 360 degrees — images and videos to live stream to favorite social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The camera has dual 20MP CMOS sensors. The camera has three multi-view angles – a 360 degree VR mode, along with the 197-degree ultra-wide mode and a 235-degree dome mode.

The Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4 K VR cameras come with a satellite accessory pack, which will change the way you look at your world. The camera has a portable powerhouse, which makes the capturing of photos easy and glorious with the 360-degree feature. One can stitch within the camera automatically and share it on the go. If you are a professional and a camera freak, then get ready to leap into this holistic world of clicking interactive, immersive photos and videos and live streaming. The camera can capture everything that you like with extreme ease.

The camera comes with a free pix pro mobile app for iOS and Android with a few steps to follow up with your smartphone. The smartphone set up is effortless and you can upload all your best images and videos to YouTube or stream them live on Facebook in a snap. This speaks about user-friendliness. Also, the manufacturer has ensured that no elements should hinder your fun in any way. So the Orbi360 4K fits in the palm of your hand. The camera is splash-proof, freezeproof, dustproof, and shockproof. All of these features in just one camera. That is why it is known to be the best VR camera. One can find a few of these features in a VR camera, but having all in one and in a camera so durable is an impassable deal.

The camera has a 235-degree dome mode -even if the user is using the two convenient Bluetooth remote control, the friendly PixPro App, your computer, the Orbit360 provides a plethora of options for the user to control the 360-degree photos and videos.


  • Easy setup.
  • Good quality of images.
  • The camera is durable.
  • The panorama pictures click at their best.


  • The battery life is terrible.
  • The filming gets worse at night.
  • The resolution is not impressive at all.

10. Vuze Plus 3d 360 Spherical VR 4k Camera

Vuze Plus 3d 360 Spherical VR 4k Camera

The camera has a 360 live preview and a broadcast that is highly compatible with Windows 8.1 and above. The Vuze Plus 3D 360 degree has video and photo with 4K stereoscopic camera. It also has a spatial video with 3D audio. It is IP65 and is waterproof. The camera is lightweight and easy to use. The Vuze VR camera is now supercharged with market-leading optics. The camera has excellent custom lenses and unique audio features that redefine storytelling. The camera gives full immersive captures with VR experiences.

The camera creates a compelling VR experience, capturing great real-life experiences. The camera has some market-leading optic features that have eight full HD custom lenses,arranged in a way to achieve authentic stereoscopic 3D 360-degree footage. Along with some enhanced audio capture with particular audio output. One can share the experiences with their loved ones by streaming the stories live on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The camera has borderless VR, which makes the camera more durable. The camera is compact and lightweight. It is an award-winning camera that makes it the best VR camera.

The camera can give you the best experience – irrespective of the weather conditions. The camera is highly durable and has a water resistance feature too. In the market presently, you will find only a few genuinely great stereoscopic cameras, and Vuze 360-degree camera is one of them. The image quality is so high that it gives the most real-life experience to the user. The camera comes with the stitching and post production software from the manufacturer — resulting in images that make the experience much better. The user can also use the footage with standard VR editing software like Adobe, Sony Vegas Mistika, etc. the camera is highly durable and convenient to use, it is preferable for the professionals.


  • High-quality images.
  • Camera is durable.
  • Convenient to use.
  • The resolution of the lens is visible.
  • The app is compatible.


  • The video does not look good.
  • The mid-tones are darker than they should be, and the shadows are practically black.
  • Many blind spots in the image.
  • The software (Vuze VR Studio 3.2.6328) is buggy and crashes a lot when trying to encode the footage.
  • The battery is not removable and takes a long time to charge.


Yi 360 VR Camera Dual-lens 5.7k Hi Resolution Panoramic Camera With Electronic Image Stabilization, 4k In-camera Stitching

This camera is, without a doubt, the best amongst the above; it provides the best value in the 360-degree camera in the market currently. The video quality is fantastic and it cost-efficient too. This camera has benefits of image stabilization and the 4K in-camera stitching. The camera has a dual-lens, wherein each lens is 220 degrees with an aperture of f/2.0. Both of them combined, provide complete 360-degree coverage. The images are vibrant, and there are no blind spots whatsoever. The camera has four viewing modes that bring the 360 footage to life. It is highly comfortable and lightweight, and the design is very convenient to use.

The camera is compatible with live streaming at it works like a charm; it is smooth and seamless. With the 360 degrees coverage, your loved ones will be able to see all of your surroundings. Now the professional will get this point that the 5.7K high resolution makes the panoramic shots so lively, and the images are clicked great even in low light.
This camera gets a 9.25 on ten because of all these beautiful features and the cost efficiency it provides. So many features in one camera are nearly impossible to look in today’s time. Don’t waste any more of your time and grab this camera now.

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