Best VR Headset of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Oculus Rift 2. Oculus Go 3. Topmaxions
Oculus Rift S Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset Virtual Reality Headset, 3d Vr Glasses For Mobile Games And Movies By Optoslon

Virtual reality (VR) has recently become a viral sensation for people around the globe. It is now considered a great modern source of entertainment. VR headsets are a little overpriced, but worth your money if you got the right VR system.

There are a lot of VR headsets available in the market which always makes it difficult for a beginner to choose the right one. The goal is to get the best VR headset which is also budget-friendly and has some great ratings and user reviews. For this purpose, we have enlisted 15 of the best VR systems that you can consider before buying your first VR headset.


If you are a PC user, you might be interested in getting information on the best cheap VR headset for PC. Or, you might want the answer to what is the best VR headset for PC? No problem, we have got you covered in every aspect.

VR Headsets In 2021 – What’s New?

Technological advancements are made each year, and 2021 has also been a successful year when it comes to progress in VR technology. Prices have dropped. New features have been introduced. Some great VR headsets like the Oculus Go and the Oculus Quest are now in the market and are better than their predecessors.

Currently, the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR by Sony, and Oculus Quest are the most expensive as well as most popular VR headsets available in the market. These latest headsets have their unique strengths as well as weaknesses. If you are a beginner, you will never want to spend a lot of money on something you have no idea about. Doing this, you will only waste your money on something that is of no use of yours. It’s better to do a little research instead of ending up with something useless in your hands.

This guide will prove helpful if you are looking for the best virtual reality headset, best budget VR headset, best VR system for pc, or even best cheapest VR headset. All you have to do is determine your needs and budget before picking one of the best VR goggles from the list mentioned in this article.

Here are the best VR headsets 2021 with a brief introduction for each of them along with their pros and cons. The pros and cons will help you decide whether the shortlisted VR has the features you need or not.After going through this list, you will be able to get the best cheapest VR headset for yourself according to your needs.

Top 14 Best VR Headsets 2021

1. Oculus Rift S

Oculus Best VR Headset

The Oculus Rift S is an upgrade over the original Rift by Oculus. The Rift S has a nice built-in tracking along with sharp display. When it comes to battery life, you have nothing to worry about. You can use a wireless transmitter which will get you rid of the cables of the Rift S. However, you still have to be within the range of your PC.

The Oculus Rift S uses 5 sensors that track the movement of your head and hands. Talking about the resolution, the Rift S has a 2560×1440 resolution. However, it would have been better if it used OLED instead of fast switching LCD. It has internal speakers while you can also plug in your headphones using the 3.5mm headphone jack.
A drawback of the Rift S is that this VR headset is not completely self-contained and wireless. You need to tether it to a computer. But overall, the Rift S is quite comfortable for longer gaming sessions.


  • Good touch controllers
  • Accurate motion tracking
  • Quite comfortable due to the Halo head strap, weighs less
  • Sharp resolution
  • It is backward compatible


  • Has no HDMI port
  • Less accurate controllers due to inside-out tracking
  • Has display ditches

2. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

The Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset that you can use for hours without any discomfort. It is completely wireless and also comes with a spacer for glasses. It has a huge built-in library of games that you can keep on playing uninterruptedly for hours.

It has a fully integrated screen and speakers along with adjustable optics. It also has on-board processing, along with wireless connectivity features. You can also plug in your headphones using the 3.5mm headphone jack. The battery lasts for about two and a half hours. It is durably built and is quite comfortable. Overall the specifications of the Oculus Go are completely worth the price.

But the low price of this VR system translates to several drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of the Oculus Go is that it lacks room-tracking capability. In addition to this, it has a lower refresh rate and uses LCD instead of OLED or AMOLED.


  • Quite affordable
  • Doesn’t has any sort of wires
  • Build quality is good
  • The Oculus mobile application library has tons of content that you can access on the VR
  • Decent design, quite durable


  • Has lower refresh rate
  • Battery life is limited to two and a half hours
  • No room or position tracking feature included in the VR headset.



3. Virtual Reality Headset, 3d Vr Glasses For Mobile Games And Movies By Optoslon

Virtual Reality Headset, 3d Vr Glasses For Mobile Games And Movies By Optoslon

If you are looking for the best cheapest VR headset, this one surely is going to be the best choice for you. The VR headset by OPTOSLON has some great ratings and customer reviews. You can use it for phones that have a display between 4.7 to 6.2 inches. If you have an iPhone XS, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 6, 5, etc. you can plug it in the headset to play your favorite games and watch your desired movies.

You can also plug in your Samsung, LG, or any other phone that has the display size which is compatible with the VR headset. If you wear bifocal glasses, the headset has plenty of room to use it while having your glasses on.
To watch your favorite movies, you just need to download apps like Cardboard, YouTube 360, or Veer from Play Store to get it ready to play your movies in 3D. It is the best cheap VR headset that you can get under $30.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Clear 3D effect
  • Use anytime, no batteries required as it works using your smartphone.
  • Well built
  • Quite cheap and affordable
  • Great ratings and reviews


  • Head strap is weak.
  • Complaints of lens not adjusted correctly

4. HTC VIVE Pro Starter Kit

HTC VIVE Pro Starter Kit

The HTC VIVE Pro kit is a great Virtual Reality Headset kit for starters. It is a complete premium kit which includes the VIVE Pro VR headset, 2 SteamVR base stations along with 2 VIVE controllers. If you are looking for the best VR system for PC, the HTC VIVE Pro might be the best option as it is a tethered high-resolution virtual reality headset with great features.

You can use the HTC VIVE Pro with your high-end gaming PC. Using it on Windows is recommended while you can also use it on Linux or Mac OS based PCs. It has dual wireless controllers and you can connect the room tracking base stations to power for them to function.

When it comes to visual quality, the HTC VIVE Pro has exceptional graphics with the highest OLED resolution available in the market. It comes with built-in headphones, in addition to two microphones to deliver crystal quality voice. It also has 2 cameras. The build quality is attractive and the design is perfect and comfortable.

Overall, the HTC VIVE Pro delivers a top-notch VR experience – no matter what you are using it for.


  • Best resolution and graphics
  • Upgraded room tracking
  • Great headphones with noise cancellation feature
  • Excellent VR headset in terms of durability and build quality
  • Rebalanced headset, quite comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Requires a very high-end PC to deliver best results
  • Initial setup process is expected to be tough even if you have good technical skills

5. Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that you just need to charge and plonk it right on your head – that’s it. It comes with quite decent specifications. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, along with 4 gigs of RAM and 64/128 GB storage space.

The resolution of the Oculus Quest is 1440×1600. It has an OLED display which provides a seamless experience and breathtaking graphics, and has perfect motion tracking without any need of external sensors. The gamepads included with the Oculus Quest are durable and perfect when it comes to gameplay. The great thing about this VR headset is that it has no wires at all!

If you have an extensive budget for a VR headset, the Oculus Quest surely can serve you as the best VR headset without any doubt. It can easily fit over your glasses ( if you wear any). A drawback but not a deal-breaker about the Oculus Quest, is that it is a little bit heavier than the Oculus Go and the Rift S. This makes it uncomfortable to some extent but not as much.


  • Great motion tracking, no need of external sensors
  • Gamepads are great
  • Sharp display, uses OLED
  • Completely wireless
  • Amazing library of awesome games


  • Not as comfortable – weighs more than Go and Rift
  • Quite expensive

6. Samsung HMD Odyssey

Samsung HMD Odyssey

The Samsung HMD Odyssey is also a competitive VR headset when it comes to high-end display and other great features. This VR headset comes with dual 3.5 inch AMOLED 3K displays that boast vibrant colors and crisp image quality. It has a resolution of 2880×1660 with an 1100 wide-field view.

It comes with inside-out tracking – which means it does not need any external sensors. The sensors included in the Odyssey are accelerometer, gyro meter, compass, and proximity along with IPD sensors that help in inside-out position tracking. This allows you to move freely with the 6 degrees of freedom or 6DOF motion control.

The motion controllers included with the VR headset are quite decent for games. They have all the necessary buttons. For sound, the Odyssey includes built-in AKG headphones for crystal clear sound quality. The design is lightweight, cool, and comfortable at the same time. You can access the SteamVR and Microsoft Store to get the best content.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Build quality is impressive
  • AMOLED 3K display is awesome
  • Work with SteamVR as well


  • Expensive
  • Complaints regarding the focus knob not focusing enough
  • Looking to buy this product with amazing rates that ships worldwide? Then Amazon is the one stop shop for
  • you to buy the perfect things and get it delivered on time too.

7. HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

The HTC Vive is one step below than the HTC Vive Pro. But it does not mean that the Vive is not worth the price. This headset by HTC provides room-scale tracking which allows you to move in 3D space. It comes with 2 base stations, 2 wireless controllers, and other accessories in addition to the HTC Vive itself.

When you purchase it, you get a 2 month free trial of Viveport, which you can use to get the best VR content for your new VR headset. It is powered by SteamVR as well. It is fully immersive – which means it provides true-to-life movements along with breathtaking graphics.

Talking about the specifications, it comes with 4GB or more of RAM with Intel Core i5 CPU or AMD FX 8350. The GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon 480. Overall, the specifications are worth the price and the experience is a little lesser than the Vive Pro but still amazing!


  • Comes with 6DOF controllers
  • Has room-scale tracking
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Provides great VR experience


  • Expensive
  • It has a potential tripping hazard

8. PlayStation VR By Sony

PlayStation VR By Sony

If you have a PS4, the PlayStation VR is the best choice for you. The PSVR will simply plug into the back of your console with the help of the bundled control box. With your PS4 and PSVR, the only other thing you need to get going is the PlayStation Camera. It does not come with the headset, which means you have to buy it separately.

Once you get the camera, you are all set up. You don’t need any high-end PC for using your VR headset as it has nothing to with a computer. You just need to sit about five feet away from the camera if you want to use it without moving around. It also supports the Sony Move controllers. You can use these motion controllers for a better experience with your PlayStation Virtual Reality headset.

There is a great deal available at for the PlayStation VR. The package includes the headset and two games – Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss Bundle. Hence, if you are planning to buy this gadget, get this deal to save your money on these two games.


  • Cheaper than Oculus or HTC Vive
  • Works great with all PS4 consoles
  • Great refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Has a sharp and vibrant display


  • Expensive content
  • The mechanical adjustments are fragile

9. Lenovo Mirage Solo With Daydream

Lenovo Mirage Solo With Daydream

This standalone VR headset by Lenovo is an Android phone with lenses as well as a headband. It has the Snapdragon 835 processor along with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. If you want to load more content, the Mirage Solo also comes with an external SD card port.

It has a 2560×1440 resolution which is fairly enough. However, it uses an LCD while most modern VR headsets use OLED display which is a lot better than the typical LCDs. The refresh rate is 75Hz, which is not much as compared to most headsets that have 90Hz. However, it has motion tracking features.

Talking about the battery, it lasts for about two and a half hours which isn’t quite enough, but you can still use the VR while plugged in through a long USB-C cable.


  • Colorful and sharp image
  • Auto on and off function comes in handy
  • No motion blur issues
  • Completely wireless, no cables attached
  • Doesn’t require game console, PC, or a smartphone


  • Not suitable for long sessions
  • The WorldSense library doesn’t have much content as of now

10. VR Headset For Iphone & Android Phone By BNEXT

VR Headset For Iphone & Android Phone By BNEXT

If you are looking for the best VR goggles, you should better stop your hunt on the BNEXT VR headset for iPhone & Android Phone. This universal VR headset comes with adjustable eye protection system and is quite comfortable. If you want the best cheapest VR headset, you can surely give a try to the BNEXT VR headset, as it has some great customer ratings and reviews.

This VR headset can accommodate your smartphone that is not more than 6.3 inches. You can watch your favorite 360 movies and play your favorite games. However, it does not have an external controller, which means you will have to buy a Bluetooth third-party controller to get things started.

It has a breathable foam face which means you can wear it for longer sessions without any hassle. Its head straps are comfortable and adjustable. It has OD and FD adjustments as well for reducing distortion. Above all, users are quite happy with this lightweight, cheap, and comfortable VR headset.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Use it for longer periods without any hassle
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Build quality is fine at the cheap price


  • Some customers have complained regarding the quality of the lens
  • Lacks navigation controls

11. Merge VR Headset – Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Headset

Merge VR Headset - Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Headset

This virtual reality is marketed generally for kids, but adults can surely use it as well. It has a durable design and can withstand a few accidental drops by kids. It has a slot design which you can use to insert your Android or iOS phone.
The design of the Merge VR headset is bulky. It’s not the love-at-first-sight sort of VR headset. However, it is made of foam from the inside which makes it comfortable to wear. The visual performance of these goggles mainly depends on the smartphone that is inserted. If your phone has a nice HD display, you are going to enjoy these goggles.

The audio performance is not as fancy but, it works. For the cheap price, it surely is not going to be the best VR headset, but if you are planning to buy it for your child, it will certainly do the trick. The perfect handy VR Headset for your child to use on a daily basis without the hectic carefree routine.


  • Quite cheap and affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Compatible and suitable for Android and iOS devices
  • Free games included
  • Good for novices or beginners in the VR game


  • Problems in overall construction
  • Bulky design

12. Veer Falcon VR Headset With Controller

Veer Falcon VR Headset With Controller

The VeeR Falcon VR Headset comes with a controller that you can use for controlling the headset and playing games as well. They are great VR goggles that can handle your iPhone iPhone XR, XS, X, 8 plus, 7 plus, 6s plus, Samsung Galaxy s8, s7 edge, s6 edge, Note 5, Note 3, Note 4, Google Pixel 3, and tons of other devices from popular brands that are less than 6.3 inches in size. VeeR has an application that lets you access to tons of VR content without paying a single penny.

These VR goggles come with noise-canceling Falcon headphones that you can rely upon while watching your favorite movies or playing games. It also has a built-in microphone that you can utilize to answer phone calls. There is a 3.5mm audio jack as well, through which you can use your headphones or external speakers.
It also has the bi-focus adjustments that allow you to expand the viewing angle to better fit your eye. Overall, this one is declared as an average VR headset to be used with smartphones.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • VeeR application is valuable
  • Quality Falcon headset
  • Comes with a controller at a cheap price


  • Reports of blurry lens
  • Complaints from Samsung smartphone owners

13. Pansonite VR Headset With Remote Controller

Pansonite Vr Headset With Remote Controller

These VR goggles are quite affordable and packed with almost all the features that a cheap VR headset needs to have. It is lightweight and has a comfortable and decent interior. The easily adjustable strap can be adjusted according to your need for a prolonged VR experience.

The device features 360 degrees panoramic scene roaming. The great thing about this headset is that it comes with a built-in Hi-Fi stereo headphones. In addition to this, it comes with a Bluetooth controller which is a bit too small when it comes to size but certainly does the trick.

You can use the headset with your iOS or Android device. But keep in mind that the Bluetooth remote controller will be of limited use while using with some iOS versions. The VR headset can hold your smartphone if it is between 4.7 to 6.0 inches in size.


  • Has a wide compatibility
  • Comfortable design, comes in thick padding and soft leather
  • Built-in headphones
  • Includes Bluetooth remote controller
  • Adjustable strap


  • Not all iOS versions are supported by the Bluetooth controller
  • The controller itself is too small

14. Google Daydream View VR Headset

Google Daydream View VR Headset

The Google Daydream View headset is specifically designed for Daydream-ready smartphones like the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, 3XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 , Note 8, Moto Z2, etc.

The VR is made of tough and harsh fabric, which is probably better than the slouchy material used in the previous generation. It is wireless. You just need to place your Daydream enabled phone and it will do the trick. Google has a huge collection of games that you can run on your VR. In addition to this, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu can be used to watch your favorite video content in 3D.

There are about three straps that hold the VR on your head just like a baseball cap. However, some users might find the third strap that comes through the top slightly uncomfortable, but it is to get the device to stay in place. This is the perfect headset to use while you are outside and looking for something handy.


  • Comfortable
  • Compact design
  • Made by Google, a reputable company
  • Ergonomic


  • Displays a slightly fuzzy picture
  • Expensive and heavy

Best VR Headset – What do you pick?

There are tons of VR headsets available in the market that you can buy, but you certainly need the best VR headset, right? Well, to get the best VR, you would have to put in a little bit of effort in searching had you not come across our guide.

We have listed the best VR systems, best cheap VR headsets, best PC VR headsets, best budget VR headsets, or best VR goggles for you to choose from – according to your requirement and budget. It is important to know your needs and the amount you are willing to spend on a VR headset as a beginner. If both of these factors are known, all you need to do is select one of the VR headsets in our list that you fancy the most. That’s it, you are good to go! Any questions for us? Please comment below, so we answer all your queries and deliver the best to you. Let us know which products we should be reviewing next to come up with the best for you!

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