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The verdict is in – VR is one of the biggest innovations in technology to come out of the 21st century. Millions of people are looking to have an immersive entertainment experience that will blow their minds – and their wallets. VRs tend to be quite expensive and before buying them you must have some basic knowledge about the device, how they operate, the important factors to be considered, and some idea of the best VR headsets currently available in the market.  

At Ionvr, we aim to gather all the information available on VR through in-depth research and present them to you on a single platform. This will make the process of buying a VR easy and convenient, and you won’t leave our portal disappointed. What are you waiting for? Hop right in!

About the Founder:

Michael Henry founded IONVR in 2019 to help people know more about VR technology and guide them to buy the best VR headsets. Michael is a huge tech enthusiast who loves computers and anything to do with electronics. He can always be seen fiddling around with new tech and trying to create something innovative. Michael is fascinated by the VR headsets that have become so popular in recent times and after much research, he decided that a website  to give people reliable information about VR was much needed.

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