President, Founder

With a very successful record of inventing and creating solutions to complex problems, Dan spent most of his career as an internet security professional, building secured hosting platforms and defending networks from online threats. Understanding the need for security, Dan built and ran a public cloud with secure hosting. Dan’s interest in VR sparked from experiments conducted with an early version of Oculus’ DK1 late in 2013. Recognizing the inherent problems with VR, Dan sought to create solutions, recognizing the incredible potential for virtual reality applications beyond gaming. To date, Dan has developed the prototype headset for IonVR and filed 12 patents.


CEO, Founder

Brooke Linville brings nearly a decade of business and marketing expertise to IonVR. Her past projects have included startups, large corporations, non-profits, and authors. She started savingsweetbriar.com in March 2015, launching the campaign to save the Virginia college, raising millions in a matter of days. As the CEO of IonVR, Brooke has worked to build the brand for the mobile virtual reality headset, including helping consumers understand the importance of optics and quality in virtual reality HMDs. She has been published on a variety of topics in technology, including cybersecurity and building a brand online.


Lead Software Architect

With over 15 years of software development experience, Jorrit is at the leading edge of mobile related development. He authored the first app to tether mobile data connections to computers via Wi-Fi, as well as the first app to control DSLR cameras from mobile devices. He was also the first to jailbreak dozens of Android device models, and authored the most used root permissions management package on Android. His works have reached over 50 million users worldwide, and have been featured in numerous prominent newspapers and magazines. His work also includes custom solutions for private companies and the public sector. Jorrit is a well-known Android hacker (Chainfire) and well connected in the Android development community. He has also co-authored several patents related to the IonVR headset.


VP Manufacturing

Jim brings decades of contract manufacturing experience to IonVR, from both the production floor and product development perspectives. As the general manager of MCMS, Jim established and managed a diverse supply chain for a revolutionary new product, transforming a small R&D company into one prepared for high volume manufacturing. Additionally, Jim has experience maintaining quality management through an electronic change management system. Jim has a Masters in Civil Engineering from Purdue.


Electrical Engineer

Mike Cornett

Mechanical Engineer