XDA Developers is the central pillar in the world of mobile device development. What started as a shared idea of a few enthusiasts, hackers, and developers in the backyard of a small house in Amsterdam over 13 years ago has evolved into a massive online community with almost 7 million members, over 2 million threads and over 60 million posts, as well as developers and enthusiasts from across the globe. Despite the size of our community, our ethos still stands strong: to advance the technology we use by means of research and collaboration.‚Äč

VRC is a Los Angeles-based content studio that creates premium VR experiences by combining the best in technology, art and digital story-telling. Four Hollywood veterans, Robert Stromberg, Guy Primus, Chris Edwards and Joel Newton, founded VRC in 2014.  Robert Stromberg is recognized for designing many of the most iconic and immersive environments in recent cinema. The emergence of VR provides a new platform for Stromberg to create imaginative and emotional worlds without the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

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